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Tender Reference No.NAME OF EQUIPMENTS EMD AmountQtyDate & Time of Tender OpeningDate & Time of Tender SubmissionTender related Documents
GEM/2024/B/4835106 RFID tag Based Asset Management System 01
GEM/2024/B/4857952 Desktop Computers 01
ENQ202401090746 ENQ202401090746
ENQ202401091116 ENQ202401091116
 ENQ202401091116.pdf(150.84 KB)
ENQ202401090690 ENQ202401090690
 ENQ202401090690.pdf(149.15 KB)
ENQ202401090974 ENQ202401090974
 ENQ202401090974.pdf(149.18 KB)
ENQ202401090971 ENQ202401090971
ENQ202401090973 ENQ202401090973
 ENQ202401090973.pdf(148.32 KB)
ENQ202401090972 ENQ202401090972
 ENQ202401090972.pdf(147.81 KB)
ENQ202401091000 ENQ202401091000
 ENQ202401091000.pdf(148.43 KB)
ENQ202401090999 ENQ202401090999
 ENQ202401090999.pdf(147.14 KB)
ENQ202401090908 ENQ202401090908
 ENQ202401090908.pdf(148.52 KB)
ENQ202401090906 ENQ202401090906
ENQ202401090907 ENQ202401090907
 ENQ202401090907.pdf(147.44 KB)
ENQ202401090905 ENQ202401090905
 ENQ202401090905.pdf(147.79 KB)
ENQ202401090901 ENQ202401090901
 ENQ202401090901.pdf(147.92 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4949209 Multifunction Machines MFM 02
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ZS /… Providing and Fixing curtains, changing sofa clothes in retreat and CRI building at ACTREC. 3,360
 BOQ-06.xls(247.5 KB)
 SQ-06.pdf(269.75 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4821580 EEG Machine 01
GEM/2024/B/4832722 manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 01
ENQ202401090839 ENQ202401090839
 ENQ202401090839.pdf(148.58 KB)
ENQ202401090828 ENQ202401090828
ENQ202401090849 ENQ202401090849
 ENQ202401090849.pdf(148.32 KB)
ENQ202401090867 ENQ202401090867
 ENQ202401090867.pdf(148.91 KB)
ENQ202401090852 ENQ202401090852
 ENQ202401090852.pdf(148.66 KB)
ENQ202401090853 ENQ202401090853
ENQ202401090854 ENQ202401090854
 ENQ202401090854.pdf(150.72 KB)
ENQ202401090869 ENQ202401090869
 ENQ202401090869.pdf(147.83 KB)
ENQ202401090746 ENQ202401090746
ENQ202401090715 ENQ202401090715
ENQ202401090691 ENQ202401090691
 ENQ202401090691.pdf(148.05 KB)
ENQ202401090714 ENQ202401090714
 ENQ202401090714.pdf(150.13 KB)
ENQ202401090751 ENQ202401090751
 ENQ202401090751.pdf(147.61 KB)
ENQ202401090827 ENQ202401090827
ENQ202401090909 ENQ202401090909
GEM/2024/B/4929066 Microscopes-Pathological and Research as per IS4381, IS5204, IS4381, IS5204 (Q3) 02
ENQ202401090872 ENQ202401090872
 ENQ202401090872.pdf(149.37 KB)
ENQ202401090874 ENQ202401090874
 ENQ202401090874.pdf(148.66 KB)
ENQ202401090862 ENQ202401090862
 ENQ202401090862.pdf(148.72 KB)
ENQ202401090826 ENQ202401090826
 ENQ202401090826.pdf(147.99 KB)
ENQ202401090825 ENQ202401090825
 ENQ202401090825.pdf(148.26 KB)
ENQ202401090848 ENQ202401090848
 ENQ202401090848.pdf(150.51 KB)
ENQ202401090849 ENQ202401090849
 ENQ202401090849.pdf(148.33 KB)
ENQ202401090846 ENQ202401090846
 ENQ202401090846.pdf(148.67 KB)
ENQ202401090843 ENQ202401090843
ENQ202401090786 ENQ202401090786
ENQ202401090795 ENQ202401090795
 ENQ202401090795.pdf(149.91 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4848368 Insecticides for Mosquitoes cockroaches and other insects ( Liquid Vaporizer and spray) (PAC only) 600
GEM/2024/B/4950505 Surgical Instruments Trays
ENQ202401091024 ENQ202401091024
 ENQ202401091024.pdf(149.76 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4897008 Split Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton with Remote 08
GEM/2024/B/4906397 PLOTTER PRINTERS (V2) (Q2)
GEM/2024/B/4645380 Digital PET/CT with extended field of view 01
ENQ202401090773 ENQ202401090773
 ENQ202401090773.pdf(147.81 KB)
ENQ202401090767 ENQ202401090767
 ENQ202401090767.pdf(148.25 KB)
ENQ202401090766 ENQ202401090766
 ENQ202401090766.pdf(147.58 KB)
ENQ202401090765 ENQ202401090765
 ENQ202401090765.pdf(147.56 KB)
ENQ202401090764 ENQ202401090764
 ENQ202401090764.pdf(147.58 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4805082 Microliter Spectrophotometer 02
GEM/2024/B/4892520 LED Television 06
GEM/2024/B/4892520 LED Television
GEM/2024/B/4892270 Washing Machine Fully Automatic 02
GEM/2024/B/4718805 BIPLANE DSA
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SSP… SITC of CO2 Manifold System for Animal room in AH19 & AH12 ACTREC 2,034/-
 TD.pdf(272.95 KB)
 BOQ-27.pdf(261.83 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4892270 Washing Machine Fully Automatic 02
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ZS /… Wall Cladding work in AH/003, AH/008, AH/12 and AH/14 Animal House building at ACTREC. 3338/-
 BOQ-26.xls(291.5 KB)
 SQ-26.pdf(879.42 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4596760 Microscope Laser Confocal 01
ENQ202401090504 ENQ202401090504
 ENQ202401090504.pdf(149.17 KB)
ENQ202401090503 ENQ202401090503
 ENQ202401090503.pdf(148.27 KB)
ENQ202401090501 ENQ202401090501
 ENQ202401090501.pdf(147.97 KB)
ENQ202401090664 ENQ202401090664
 ENQ202401090664.pdf(147.96 KB)
ENQ202401090672 ENQ202401090672
ENQ202401090671 ENQ202401090671
 ENQ202401090671.pdf(148.81 KB)
ENQ202401090654 ENQ202401090654
 ENQ202401090654.pdf(148.66 KB)
ENQ202401090658 ENQ202401090658
 ENQ202401090658.pdf(148.44 KB)
ENQ202401090587 ENQ202401090587
 ENQ202401090587.pdf(151.08 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4818823 Manual Single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4777774 Biopsy Guide for TV/TR Probe 01
GEM/2024/B/4820282 Rapid Infusion Pump 01
GEM/2024/B/4853425 Voice recorder with speech to next software 07
GEM/2024/B/4702040 Apheresis Machine
GEM/2024/B/4834918 Desktop Computer with LED/LCD monitor 02
GEM/2024/B/4843902 Electrometer universal digital with integrated disply 01
GEM/2024/B/4923727 Rotor 70TI Fixed Angle Rotor Product Code 337922 and SW41TI Swinging Bucket Rotor Product Code 33133
GEM/2024/B/4893169 Computer Laptop 02
GEM/2024/B/4823660 Printer 01
GEM/2024/B/4680660 Cardio-pulmonary Exercise Testing System (CPET) 01
GEM/2024/B/4855360 Co2 Incubator 01
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/PG-… Replacement of Water Meter and Strainer for Water Supply line from CIDCO near Pumphouse No.1 592/-
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/PG-… Replacement of Water Meter and Strainer for Water Supply line from CIDCO near Pumphouse No.1 592/-
 BOQ-25.pdf(260.69 KB)
 BOQ-25.xls(286.5 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4925523 Annual contract for providing pest control services at ACTREC 36000
ENQ202401090392 ENQ202401090392
 ENQ202401090392.pdf(147.58 KB)
ENQ202401090583 ENQ202401090583
 ENQ202401090583.pdf(148.04 KB)
ENQ202401090581 ENQ202401090581
 ENQ202401090581.pdf(148.01 KB)
ENQ202401090580 ENQ202401090580
 ENQ202401090580.pdf(148.38 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/24-25/E-T… Microplate Multimode Reader 01
GEM/2024/B/4899696 Upgrade of Leica inverted microscope
GEM/2024/B/4882299 Micropipette Single Channel Autoclavable 20-200ul 02
GEM/2024/B/4882879 Centrifuge Table Top Regular & Small size 01
GEM/2024/B/4910087 OEM/Compatible cartridge/consumable (PAC only) 10
GEM/2024/B/4917619 Padlock (PAC only) 170
GEM/2024/B/4809400 Hemodynamic Monitors –High End 03
ENQ202401090579 ENQ202401090579
 ENQ202401090579.pdf(148.28 KB)
ENQ202401090502 ENQ202401090502
 ENQ202401090502.pdf(149.07 KB)
ENQ202401090194 ENQ202401090194
ENQ202401090199 ENQ202401090199
 ENQ202401090199.pdf(147.87 KB)
ENQ202401090311 ENQ202401090311
 ENQ202401090311.pdf(148.24 KB)
ENQ202401090304 ENQ202401090304
 ENQ202401090304.pdf(148.08 KB)
ENQ202401090369 ENQ202401090369
 ENQ202401090369.pdf(148.41 KB)
ENQ202401090358 ENQ202401090358
 ENQ202401090358.pdf(148.37 KB)
ENQ202401090357 ENQ202401090357
 ENQ202401090357.pdf(148.63 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4878746 Countless II FL (Q3)
GEM/2024/B/4821630 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device
GEM/2024/B/4832787 Adjustable multichannel pipettes 30-300ul 01
GEM/2024/B/4855818 Micro single channel variable Vol 100-1000 01
GEM/2024/B/4865439 4 Place swing out rotor with adapter and carrier 01
GEM/2024/B/4877412 Data Tape Dell LT08 12
GEM/2024/B/4911072 Split Air Conditioner as per Specifications 03
GEM/2024/B/4868279 Manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 07
GEM/2024/B/4863455 Microwave ovens 02
GEM/2024/B/4835106 RFID tag Based Asset Management 01
ENQ202401090584 ENQ202401090584
 ENQ202401090584.pdf(149.79 KB)
ENQ202401090402 ENQ202401090402
 ENQ202401090402.pdf(148.89 KB)
ENQ202401090390 ENQ202401090390
 ENQ202401090390.pdf(148.15 KB)
ENQ202401090387 ENQ202401090387
 ENQ202401090387.pdf(148.52 KB)
ENQ202401090408 ENQ202401090408
 ENQ202401090408.pdf(148.24 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ZS /… Aluminium Partition work at Laboratory animal facility building at ACTREC Rs.3,132
 SQ-15.pdf(658.87 KB)
 BOQ-15.xls(244.5 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ZS /… Renovation of Clinical Pharmacology on first floor of CRI building at ACTREC Rs.3,354
 SQ-16.pdf(899.55 KB)
 BOQ-16.xls(256.5 KB)
GEM/2024/B/ 4770415 Hockey Stick Probe 01
GEM/2024/B/4754329 Transport Monitor 02
ENQ202401090277 ENQ202401090277
 ENQ202401090277.pdf(148.49 KB)
ENQ202401090294 ENQ202401090294
 ENQ202401090294.pdf(147.82 KB)
ENQ202401090202 ENQ202401090202
 ENQ202401090202.pdf(149.26 KB)
ENQ202401090420 ENQ202401090420
 ENQ202401090420.pdf(152.69 KB)
ENQ202401090386 ENQ202401090386
 ENQ202401090386.pdf(148.47 KB)
ENQ202401090265 ENQ202401090265
 ENQ202401090265.pdf(148.24 KB)
ENQ202401090264 ENQ202401090264
 ENQ202401090264.pdf(148.59 KB)
ENQ202401090263 ENQ202401090263
 ENQ202401090263.pdf(148.22 KB)
ENQ202401090201 ENQ202401090201
 ENQ202401090201.pdf(148.29 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/Misce/281… Tender For Providing Manpower (Unskilled, Semi-Skilled And Skilled Category) for ‘Miscellaneous Work’ at ACTREC, Kharghar Campus For The Period Of… 11,11,271
GEM/2024/B/4758770 TLD Cabinet 02
GEM/2024/B/4838371 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
GEM/2024/B/4838444 MALDI Mass Spectrometer
GEM/2024/B/4769551 Vaccum Assisted Biopsy System 01
GEM/2024/B/4815041 Cryocan for Liquid Nitrogen 01
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/PG-… Installation of Chequered plates to seal Opening in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Tank Rs.2,943
 SQ-18.pdf(258.88 KB)
 BOQ-18.xls(239.5 KB)
ENQ202401090476 ENQ202401090476
 ENQ202401090476.pdf(150.63 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4777675 CT Radiology Reporting Workstation 01
ACTREC/Admin./Conde… Inviting spot quotation for disposal of scarp material (capital & e-waste items/equipment) ON AS IS WHEREAS IS BASIS from ACTREC Kharghar.
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Dry Bath 01
GEM/2024/B/4860288 Compact Cryogenic Grinder 0.1 to 5 g 230 VAC, Cole Parmer CG-200-230 Freezer/Mill (Q3)
TMC/ACTREC/Supportiv… Tender For Cleaning and Maintaining Hygiene of Supportive Area with Utilization Of Manpower Unskilled Semi-Skilled and Skilled Category at ACTREC… 15,68,991
GEM/2024/B/4835106 RFID tag Based Asset Management System 01
GEM/2024/B/4838460 Tilting Wet Grinder 01
GEM/2024/B/4839720 Single Burner Gas Range (for Deep Fryer) 03
GEM/2024/B/4800747 Pulverizer 02
GEM/2024/B/4858142 Plastic Moulded Chair as per IS 13713 55
ENQ202401090202 ENQ202401090202
 ENQ202401090202.pdf(149.98 KB)
ENQ202401090096 ENQ202401090096
ENQ202401089927 ENQ202401089927
 ENQ202401089927.pdf(149.44 KB)
ENQ202401089928 ENQ202401089928
 ENQ202401089928.pdf(148.64 KB)
ENQ202401090111 ENQ202401090111
 ENQ202401090111.pdf(147.52 KB)
ENQ202401090105 ENQ202401090105
ENQ202401090092 ENQ202401090092
 ENQ202401090092.pdf(148.25 KB)
ENQ202401089926 ENQ202401089926
 ENQ202401089926.pdf(148.53 KB)
ENQ202401089960 ENQ202401089960
 ENQ202401089960.pdf(148.68 KB)
ENQ202401090162 ENQ202401090162
 ENQ202401090162.pdf(148.05 KB)
ENQ202401090161 ENQ202401090161
 ENQ202401090161.pdf(148.04 KB)
ENQ202401090160 ENQ202401090160
 ENQ202401090160.pdf(148.03 KB)
ENQ202401090147 ENQ202401090147
 ENQ202401090147.pdf(148.38 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4814289 Binocular Microscope with two heads and one camera 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4757854 Transport Monitors 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4757710 Hemodynamic Monitors – High End 01
ENQ202401090087 ENQ202401090087
 ENQ202401090087.pdf(149.91 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/24-25/E-T… Multichannel Pipette (50-300 ul) 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4529015 Multi-Channel Pipette 01
GEM/2024/B/4860357 CO2 Incubator (Q3)
GEM/2024/B/4848368 Insecticides for mosquitoes cockroaches and other insects (Liquid vaporizer and spray) (PAC only) 600
GEM/2024/B/4526222 Dual Head Gamma Camera system
GEM/2023/B/4469048 Two laboratory balance analytical chemical physical as per IS 9446 01
GEM/2024/B/ 4724412 Patient Controlled Analgesic (PCA) Pump 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4815041 Cryocan for Liquid Nitrogen 01
GEM/2024/B/4766937 ETO Gas Sterilizer with Abator 01
ACTREC/PUR/24-25/E-T… Document scanner HPscanjetPro2000S2 15
GEM/2024/B/4813176 Automatic External Defibrillator 03
GEM/2024/B/4843902 Electrometer Universal Digital with Integrated Display 01
ACTREC/PUR/24-25/E-T… Vertical Electrophoresis System and Transfer /Blotting module
ENQ202401090656 ENQ202401090656
 ENQ202401090656.pdf(150.55 KB)
ENQ202401090586 ENQ202401090586
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/NJ/L… Comprehensive Maintenance contract for RO plant of RRS & Ward Block Building at ACTREC. 1,729 ,
 BOQ-180 (1).xls(245 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/24-25/E-T… Pipette Aid 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4718679 Hard Disk Drives 15
GEM/2024/B/ 4777774 Biopsy Guide for TV/TR Probe 01
GEM/2024/B/ 4710380 Portable Hard Disk 07
GEM/2024/B/4732896 Tissue Dissociator
GEM/2024/B/4445703 High Speed Drill for Neuro Surgery 01
GEM/2024/B/4846298 Manual Single Channel Air Displacement Pipetters or micropipette 02
GEM/2024/B/ 4613722 Tissue Dissociator 01
GEM/2024/B/4753164 UTP Cable 20
ENQ202401089871 ENQ202401089871
 ENQ202401089871.pdf(148.89 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4820688 Heavy Duty Patient Lifting Hoist 01
GEM/2024/B/4821580 EEG Machine 01
ENQ202401089851 ENQ202401089851
 ENQ202401089851.pdf(148.94 KB)
ENQ202401089844 ENQ202401089844
 ENQ202401089844.pdf(148.24 KB)
ENQ202401089780 ENQ202401089780
GEM/2024/B/4818289 Tissue Dissociator 01
GEM/2024/B/4818906 Refrigerated Micro-centrifuge 02
GEM/2024/B/4772173 Apron Locker Cabinet 18
GEM/2024/B/4809068 Workstation 01
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/PM /… Replacement of Wooden Bathroom Doors with F.R.P Doors in Asha Niwas Hostel at ACTREC. 1,833
 BOQ-07.xls(292 KB)
 SQ-07.pdf(952.28 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4770415 Hockey Stick Probe 01
GEM/2024/B/4892730 Portable Water Purifier 04
GEM/2024/B/4805161 Laboratory Ice Flake Machine 02
GEM/2024/B/4768545 Non Refrigerated Centrifuge for General Purpose and research 01
GEM/2024/B/4835106 RFID tag Based Asset Management System 01
GEM/2024/B/4813253 Computer Workstation 03
GEM/2023/B/4135017 Neuro Surgical Drill with all attachments
ENQ202401089916 ENQ202401089916
 ENQ202401089916.pdf(388.18 KB)
ENQ202401089914 ENQ202401089914
ENQ202401089773 ENQ202401089773
 ENQ202401089773.pdf(147.95 KB)
ENQ202401089779 ENQ202401089779
ENQ202401089776 ENQ202401089776
 ENQ202401089776.pdf(148.76 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/NJ/L… Comprehensive Maintenance contract for RO plant of RRS & Ward Block Building at ACTREC. Rs.1,729 ,
 BOQ-180.xls(244.5 KB)
 Extention.pdf(92.37 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ZS /… Providing MS Fabrication with G.I. Chain-link fencing for securing the Hydro- pneumatic pump (HYPN) System on the stilt floor of Asha Niwas Hostel at… 3,219 ,
 SQ-10.pdf(292.89 KB)
 SQ-10.xls(246 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4757101 Microcentrifuge
GEM/2024/B/4767088 Osmometer
GEM/2024/B/4769551 Vacuum Assisted Biopsy System 01
GEM2024/B/4480630 Centrifuge Refrigerated – Floor Model 01
GEM/2024/B/4758770 TLD Cabinet 02
ENQ202401089639 ENQ202401089639
 ENQ202401089639.pdf(148.91 KB)
ENQ202401089714 ENQ202401089714
 ENQ202401089714.pdf(148.53 KB)
ENQ202401089713 ENQ202401089713
 ENQ202401089713.pdf(147.97 KB)
ENQ202401089724 ENQ202401089724
 ENQ202401089724.pdf(148.71 KB)
ENQ202401089687 ENQ202401089687
 ENQ202401089687.pdf(148.38 KB)
ENQ202401089531 ENQ202401089531
 ENQ202401089531.pdf(147.93 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4820892 pH Meter 01
GEM/2024/B/4765303 Deep Freezer -20
GEM/2024/B/4763292 Deep Freezer -80
GEM/2024/B/4748757 UPS 10KVA with 30 min backup
GEM/2024/B/4808025 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Machine 01
GEM/2023/B/4456703 Point Of Care Machine 01
GEM/2024/B/4772352 Potato peeler 02
GEM/2024/B/4774946 Dough Kneader 01
GEM/2024/B/4774398 Trolleys Or accessories 06
GEM/2024/B/4693805 Trolleys Or accessories 04
GEM/2024/B/4804392 Gel Documentation System 02
GEM/2024/B/4814615 Micro Weighing Balance with licensed software 01
ENQ202401089541 ENQ202401089541
GEM/2024/B/4815005 PCR Machine (Semi Quantitative) 01
ACTREC/Admin./Flowe… Supply of cut-flowers, flower baskets / bunches, flower pots & flower bouquets, haars, drawing rangolis with flowers, etc. at actrec ,as and when… Rs.3,800
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Vertical Electrophoresis System 02
GEM/2024/B/4805082 Microliter Spectrophotometer 02
GEM/2024/B/4562828 Blood Collection Monitor 08
GEM/2024/B/4814651 Hot Air Oven 01
ENQ202401089516 ENQ202401089516
 ENQ202401089516.pdf(149.66 KB)
ENQ202401089517 ENQ202401089517
 ENQ202401089517.pdf(147.91 KB)
ENQ202401089527 ENQ202401089527
 ENQ202401089527.pdf(148.72 KB)
ENQ202401089529 ENQ202401089529
 ENQ202401089529.pdf(150.42 KB)
ENQ202401089528 ENQ202401089528
 ENQ202401089528.pdf(148.85 KB)
ENQ202401089533 ENQ202401089533
 ENQ202401089533.pdf(148.75 KB)
ENQ202401089532 ENQ202401089532
 ENQ202401089532.pdf(148.83 KB)
ENQ202401089530 ENQ202401089530
GEM/2024/B/4773198 Motorized Pipette Controller 02
ENQ202401089540 ENQ202401089540
 ENQ202401089540.pdf(151.07 KB)
ENQ202401089539 ENQ202401089539
 ENQ202401089539.pdf(148.82 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4724412 Patient Controlled Analgesic (PCA) Pump (PAC Only) 02
GEM/2024/B/4736718 Infusion Pump Volumatric/Syringe based 31
TMC/ACTREC/Hospital/… Tender For Cleaning and Maintaining Hygiene of Hospital Area with Utilization Of Manpower Unskilled, Semi Skilled And Skilled Category at ACTREC… 21,90,457
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Hot Air Oven 02
GEM/2024/B/4736715 Rate Contract for 2 Years of Refilling of Medical Gases (Oxygen & Nitrous)
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… 4 Deg. Refrigerator
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Shaker Incubator 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Solid Water Chamber Holder Slabs 01
GEM/2024/B/4772264 CCTV System 01
GEM/2024/B/4757710 Hemodynamic Monitors – High End 01
GEM/2024/B/4754329 Transport Monitor 02
GEM/2024/B/4781473 Gel Documentation System 01
GEM/2024/B/4757854 Transport Monitor 02
GEM/2024/B/4811325 Countless II FL 01
GEM/2024/B/4813319 Spectrophotometer
GEM/2024/B/4753984 Laptop 01
ENQ202401089507 ENQ202401089507
GEM/2024/B/4682287 Dry Bath (Heating Block) Incubator-cum shaker/mixer 02
GEM/2024/B/4646905 Biosafety Cabinet Class II – Type A2 01
GEM/2024/B/4673590 Furniture
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/PM /… Replacement of PVC Strip Curtains in Morgan Stanley Patient waiting area at ACTREC Rs. 3,370
 SQ-03.xls(244 KB)
 SQ-03.pdf(261.05 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/PM /… Replacement of PVC Strip Curtains in Morgan Stanley Patient waiting area at ACTREC Rs. 3,370
 SQ-03.xls(244 KB)
 SQ-03.pdf(261.05 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4757944 Tabletop Centrifuge Refrigerated 01
GEM/2024/B/4754974 DVT Pumps 05
GEM/2024/B/4615232 Deep Freezer -80 C 01
GEM/2024/B/4717490 Hard disk drives 15
GEM/2024/B/4541274 Autoclave (ICMR Specs) 01
GEM/2024/B/4718679 Hard disk drives 15
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge-Floor Model 01
GEM/2024/B/4526222 Dual Head Gamma Camera system
GEM/2023/B/4456703 Point Of Care Machine
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/AU -… Construction and execution of Tin sheet roofing for chiller control panel Mortuary block near RRS building at ACTREC. 3,378
 SQ-01.pdf(262.36 KB)
 SQ-01.xls(244.5 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4475918 Intra Oral Scanner
GEM/2024/B/4773198 Motorized Pipette Controller 02
GEM/2024/B/4693951 Leyla Retractor Tray (Q3) for C.S.S.D
GEM/2024/B/4695507 Cranitomy Set for Neuro Surgery (Q3) for C.S.S.D
TMC/ACTREC/Engg/YM /… SITC of 1 No. new Elevator with associated works in Faculty Club building at ACTREC 29,500
GEM/2024/B/ 4651106 Haemoglobinometer with accessories 02
GEM/2024/B/4732482 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope 01
GEM/2024/B/4732999 Electrophoresis System 02
GEM/2024/B/4735365 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Machine 01
GEM/2024/B/4630242 Endoscope Cabinet For Scope Storage
GEM/2024/B/4737538 Plasma Thawing Bath 01
GEM/2024/B/4811325 Countless II FL 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Dehumidifier 03
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Dehumidifier 02
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Barcode Scanner 02
GEM/2024/B/4702040 Apheresis Machine
ENQ202401089227 ENQ202401089227
ENQ202401088922 ENQ202401088922
 ENQ202401088922.pdf(239.62 KB)
ENQ202401089237 ENQ202401089237
 ENQ202401089237.pdf(148.22 KB)
ENQ202401089227 ENQ202401089227
 ENQ202401089227.pdf(147.93 KB)
ENQ202401089266 ENQ202401089266
 ENQ202401089266.pdf(147.75 KB)
ENQ202401089271 ENQ202401089271
 ENQ202401089271.pdf(147.85 KB)
ENQ202401089267 ENQ202401089267
 ENQ202401089267.pdf(148.29 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Microplate Multimode Reader 01
GEM/2024/B/4692531 Table top Refrigerated Centrifuge 01
GEM/2024/B/4747220 Sonicator
ENQ202401089163 ENQ202401089163
 ENQ202401089163.pdf(148.64 KB)
ENQ202401089155 ENQ202401089155
 ENQ202401089155.pdf(148.37 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ZS /… Providing and fixing Stainless steel plates on the doors of Animal House at ACTREC. Rs.3,358
 BOQ-177.xls(244.5 KB)
 SQ-177.pdf(260.9 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Fire Extinguishers 01
GEM/2024/B/4473993 Fully Automated Multiplex IHC Stainer
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… PCR Cabinet (PCR Workstation) 02
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Refrigerated Shaker Incubator 01
TMC/ACTREC/Engg/ SKB… Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC Mode) work for Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) in ACTREC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai Rs. 47,00,000 01
GEM/2024/B/4731986 Manual Single Channel Air displacement pipetters or micropipette 02
GEM/2024/B/4615175 Laboratory Incubator 01
GEM/2024/B/4679510 Online UPS-120KVA
GEM/2024/B/4710380 Portable hard Disk 07
GEM/2024/B/4615096 Deep Freezer -20C 01
GEM/2024/B/4469048 Two Pan Laboratory Balance Analytical Chemical Physical 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Computer Laptop 03
GEM/2024/B/4693900 Blood Bag Stripper 04
GEM/2024/B/4693943 Blood Transport Box 04
GEM/2024/B/4682744 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device 04
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Vacuum Concentrator (Speedvac System) 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Vacuum Concentrator ( Speedvac system) 02
GEM/2024/B/4562828 Blood Collection Monitor 08
GEM/2024/B/4621659 Laptop-Notebook 01
GEM/2024/B/4669743 OEM/Compatible Cartridge/Consumable 42
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Cabinet Block Filling
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Slide Filling Cabinet
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Vacuum Concentrator (Speed Vac System) 01
GEM/2024/B/4618873 Electronic Weighing Systems 20
GEM/2023/B/4539859 Bone Cutting Machine 01
GEM/2023/B/4456703 TDL Manager Cabinet 04
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/SS P… Shifting of Air Compressor from Ground floor Autoclave Room to outdoors near rear entrance in Animal House Bldg at ACTREC. 1,018
 SQ-159.pdf(273.69 KB)
 BOQ-159.xls(247.5 KB)
ENQ202401089041 ENQ202401089041
 ENQ202401089041.pdf(148.38 KB)
ENQ202401089028 ENQ202401089028
ENQ202401089019 ENQ202401089019
 ENQ202401089019.pdf(148.15 KB)
ENQ202401089014 ENQ202401089014
 ENQ202401089014.pdf(148.28 KB)
ENQ202401089016 ENQ202401089016
 ENQ202401089016.pdf(147.79 KB)
ENQ202401089018 ENQ202401089018
 ENQ202401089018.pdf(148.37 KB)
ENQ202401089015 ENQ202401089015
 ENQ202401089015.pdf(148.29 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Label Printer 25
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Printer 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Rocking Platform 06
GEM/2024/B/4550854 Endoscopy System with Ultrasound Set
GEM/2024/B/4561906 Portable Mobile Endoscopy Unit & Stroboscope 01
ENQ202401088882 ENQ202401088882
 ENQ202401088882.pdf(148.75 KB)
ENQ202401088877 ENQ202401088877
 ENQ202401088877.pdf(147.41 KB)
ENQ202401088843 ENQ202401088843
 ENQ202401088843.pdf(148.73 KB)
ENQ202401088922 ENQ202401088922
 ENQ202401088922.pdf(147.88 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4546165 Endoscopy Set with ERCP Scope and Video Processor
GEM/2024/B/4730902 Ipad 10.9 Inch (WI-FI 64GB) – 10th Generation with Pensil – Apple 01
GEM/2024/B/4558917 Endoscopy transport trolley 05
ENQ202401088883 ENQ202401088883
GEM/2024/B/4613539 Gel Documentation System 01
GEM/2024/B/4613722 Tissue Dissociator 01
GEM/2024/B/4529015 Multi-Channel Pipette 01
GEM/2024/B/4698532 Laptop-Notebook 01
GEM/2024/B/4651106 Haemoglobinometer with accessories 02
GEM/2024/B/4613371 Deep Freezer- 80C 01
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/AT /… Providing and fixing of external signages for the sports complex Rs. 3,315
 BOQ-175.xls(238 KB)
 SQ-175.pdf(455.87 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Epson Expression 12000XL Film scanner with transparency unit
GEM/2024/B/4554301 Liquid Crystal Display LCD Panel or Monitors 01
GEM/2024/B/4541630 Vacuum Forming Machine
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ SPM… Providing and Fixing Navigation Signages Across ACTREC Rs. 2,048 ,
 BOQ-148.xls(208 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Construction of Pathway for DG room near the ward at ACTREC Rs. 3,300
 SQ-173.pdf(268.7 KB)
 BOQ-173 (2).xls(249 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4695762 ELIZA Reader 01
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Providing and Fixing of External Signage for Kanchan and Ketki building at ACTREC Rs. 3,120
 SQ-172.pdf(330.55 KB)
 BOQ-172.xls(237.5 KB)
ENQ202401088836 ENQ202401088836
 ENQ202401088836.pdf(147.91 KB)
ENQ202401088835 ENQ202401088835
 ENQ202401088835.pdf(148.69 KB)
ENQ202401088834 ENQ202401088834
 ENQ202401088834.pdf(147.97 KB)
ENQ202401088833 ENQ202401088833
 ENQ202401088833.pdf(148.31 KB)
ENQ202401088831 ENQ202401088831
 ENQ202401088831.pdf(148.82 KB)
ENQ202401088848 ENQ202401088848
 ENQ202401088848.pdf(147.97 KB)
ENQ202401088832 ENQ202401088832
 ENQ202401088832.pdf(150.27 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4432418 Non Refrigerated Centrifuge for General Purpose and Research 01
GEM/2023/B/4428545 TDL Manager Cabinet 04
ENQ202401088809 ENQ202401088809
 ENQ202401088809.pdf(148.07 KB)
ENQ202401088810 ENQ202401088810
 ENQ202401088810.pdf(147.56 KB)
ENQ202401088808 ENQ202401088808
 ENQ202401088808.pdf(148.78 KB)
ENQ202401088806 ENQ202401088806
 ENQ202401088806.pdf(148.65 KB)
ENQ202401088789 ENQ202401088789
 ENQ202401088789.pdf(148.85 KB)
ENQ202401088803 ENQ202401088803
 ENQ202401088803.pdf(148.62 KB)
ENQ202401088777 ENQ202401088777
 ENQ202401088777.pdf(147.65 KB)
GEM/2024/B/4539859 Bone Cutting Machine 01
GEM/2024/B/4539859 Bone Cutting Machine 01
GEM/2023/B/4363774 Tissue Floating water bath integrated with slide warmer
GEM/2024/B/4564927 Laboratory Steel Furniture 01
GEM/2024/B/4626729 LED Luminaire 36W (Recessed Luminaire) ( as per specifications) 30
GEM/2024/B/4541600 Audi-Visual system for Auditorium 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Vacuum Pump 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… DS2278 Bluetooth Barcode scanner with cradle and USB cable 5
GEM/2024/B/4613193 Manual Single channel Micropipette 24
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Countless II FL 01
ENQ202401088575 ENQ202401088575
GEM/2024/B/4524094 USG Machine
GEM/2024/B/4467111 USG Machine
GEM/2024/B/4186542 Radiofrequency Generator With Integrated Vessel Sealing and Cutting System
GEM/2024/B/4476415 Microwave Generator for Tumour Ablation
GEM/2024/B/4523898 Cryoablation Equipment
GEM/2024/B/4487466 DEXA SCANNER (BMD)
GEM/2024/B/4513347 Transport Monitor 01
GEM/2023/B/4186542 Integrated Automated Charting System Upgradable for ICU Monitoring System
GEM/2023/B/4364982 Desktop Computer 150
ENQ202401088632 ENQ202401088632
 ENQ202401088632.pdf(148.88 KB)
ENQ202401088616 ENQ202401088616
 ENQ202401088616.pdf(148.18 KB)
ENQ202401088521 ENQ202401088521
 ENQ202401088521.pdf(148.25 KB)
ENQ202401088493 ENQ202401088493
 ENQ202401088493.pdf(148.26 KB)
ENQ202401088573 ENQ202401088573
 ENQ202401088573.pdf(148.25 KB)
ENQ202401088467 ENQ202401088467
 ENQ202401088467.pdf(151.17 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4226198 MRI Compatible Patient Monitor
GEM/2023/B/4225726 MRI Compatible Anaesthesia Machine
GEM/2024/B/4561906 Barcode Labler for Sample 01
GEM/2023/B/4250272 Server with Client
GEM/2024/B/4562232 Barcode Labler for Sample 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Smart Card Reader USB Power PC Based 03
GEM/2024/B/4564927 Laboratory Steel Furniture 01
ENQ202401088574 ENQ202401088574
 ENQ202401088574.pdf(148.83 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Computer Laptop 03
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Qubit Fluorometer 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Qubit Fluorometer 01
GEM/2024/B/4529588 Sofas 02
GEM/2024/B/4541433 Laboratory Incubators 01
GEM/2024/B/4553830 Hemoglobinometer 02
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Multi-Channel Variable Volume Pipettes 08
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Refrigerated Shaker Incubator 01
ENQ202401088466 ENQ202401088466
 ENQ202401088466.pdf(148.38 KB)
ENQ202401088443 ENQ202401088443
 ENQ202401088443.pdf(148.43 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… CO2 Incubator with CO2 Resistant Shaker 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Stereo Microscope 01
GEM/2024/B/4468397 Central Temperature Monitoring system 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Nikon Digital Camera with Lens 03
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Repairing of storm water drain covers near CRC building at ACTREC. 3,338
 BOQ-164.xls(245 KB)
 SQ-164.pdf(272.63 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Bar Code Reader make Zebra Model DS9308 20
GEM/2024/B/4475882 Individually Ventilated Animal Caging System 01
GEM/2024/B/4529417 Revolving chair 12
ENQ202401088402 ENQ202401088402
 ENQ202401088402.pdf(150.62 KB)
ENQ202401088404 ENQ202401088404
 ENQ202401088404.pdf(148.63 KB)
ENQ202401088390 ENQ202401088390
 ENQ202401088390.pdf(148.38 KB)
ENQ202401088388 ENQ202401088388
 ENQ202401088388.pdf(147.97 KB)
ENQ202401088411 ENQ202401088411
 ENQ202401088411.pdf(147.89 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4445759 Scalp Cooling System
GEM/2024/B/4564927 Laboratory Steel Furniture 01
GEM/2024/B/4365718 Telescopic Tree Pruner 01
ENQ202401088326 ENQ202401088326
 ENQ202401088326.pdf(148.31 KB)
ENQ202401088327 ENQ202401088327
 ENQ202401088327.pdf(148.44 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4375664 Counter Chair 10
GEM/2023/B/4375963 Laptop- Notebook 03
ENQ202401088195 ENQ202401088195
ENQ202401088197 ENQ202401088197
ENQ202401088202 ENQ202401088202
ENQ202401088194 ENQ202401088194
ENQ202401088193 ENQ202401088193
 ENQ202401088193.pdf(148.28 KB)
ENQ202401088194 ENQ202401088194
 ENQ202401088194.pdf(148.67 KB)
ENQ202401088195 ENQ202401088195
 ENQ202401088195.pdf(148.59 KB)
ENQ202401088197 ENQ202401088197
 ENQ202401088197.pdf(148.38 KB)
ENQ202401088200 ENQ202401088200
ENQ202401088202 ENQ202401088202
 ENQ202401088202.pdf(148.43 KB)
ENQ202401088286 ENQ202401088286
 ENQ202401088286.pdf(149.06 KB)
ENQ202401088262 ENQ202401088262
 ENQ202401088262.pdf(147.85 KB)
ENQ202401088288 ENQ202401088288
 ENQ202401088288.pdf(148.32 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4355667 Blood Pressure recording Units (PAC Only )
GEM/2023/B/4439945 Led Luminaire (Recessed Luminaire as per specifications 150
GEM/2023/B/4380404 Nanoparticle Tracking System
GEM/2024/B/4440059 Solar Powered Drinking Water Cooler 04
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Countless II FL 01
GEM/2023/B/4416105 Almirah Steel 04
GEM/2023/B/4415843 Steel Clothes Lockers 15
GEM/2023/B/4415642 Almirah Steel 03
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Vacuum Pump 01
GEM/2024/B/4365718 Telescopic Tree Pruner 01
GEM/2023/B/4329875 Manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 2 No.
GEM/2024/B/4446795 Semi-Automatic Rotary Microtome
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Qubit Fluorometer 01
GEM/2024/B/4434468 Multiheaded Teaching binocular microscope with five teaching heads and one camera 01
GEM/2024/B/4446647 Teching Microscope with Camera and Screen 01
GEM/2024/B/4434468 Multiheaded Teaching binocular microscope with five teaching heads and one camera 01
GEM/2024/B/4417946 Animal Enrichment Products (Animal House) 300
ENQ202401088027 ENQ202401088027
 ENQ202401088027.pdf(150.45 KB)
ENQ202401088031 ENQ202401088031
 ENQ202401088031.pdf(151.05 KB)
ENQ202401088033 ENQ202401088033
 ENQ202401088033.pdf(148.63 KB)
ENQ202401088037 ENQ202401088037
GEM/2024/B/4436837 Teaching binocular microscope with two teaching heads and camera 01
GEM/2024/B/4434410 Multiheaded Teaching binocular microscope with three teaching heads and one camera
GEM/2024/B/4445759 Scalp Cooling System 01
GEM/2023/B/4328865 manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 2 No.
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /NJ/… Validation of Cleanroom for Car T cell therapy HVAC system at ACTREC. Rs.1,050
 BOQ-160.xls(244.5 KB)
 SQ-160.pdf(281.84 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /NJ/… Validation of Cleanroom for Car T cell therapy HVAC system at ACTREC. Rs.1,050
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/SS P… Shifting of Air Compressor from Ground floor Autoclave Room to outdoors near rear entrance in Animal House Bldg at ACTREC. Rs.1,018
 BOQ-159.xls(247.5 KB)
 SQ-159.pdf(297.19 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/SS P… Shifting of Air Compressor from Ground floor Autoclave Room to outdoors near rear entrance in Animal House Bldg at ACTREC. Rs.1,018
 SQ-159.pdf(297.19 KB)
 BOQ-159.xls(247.5 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SKB… Removal of Tree cutting falling in Proposed Hostel Project at ACTREC. Rs.3,300
GEM/2023/B/4364982 GEM/2023/B/4364982 150
GEM/2024/B/4447005 Multifunction Machines MFM 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… High Performance Liquid Chromatography with PDA 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Document Scanner 01
GEM/2023/B/4440059 Solar Powered Drinking Water Cooler as per IS 1475 04
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /PG-… Transplantation of Trees for Proposed Animal Research Facility. Rs.2,850
 BOQ-157.xls(284 KB)
 SQ-157.pdf(285.39 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4387663 Vortex Mixers 02
GEM/2023/B/4146769 Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator
GEM/2023/B/4364982 Desktop Computer
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/TP /… Replacing of Fire Hose Boxes, Pressure gauge, and wrapping coating of fire hydrant system at ACTREC. Rs.2,641
 BOQ-154 (1).xls(241.5 KB)
 SQ-154.pdf(280.92 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Refrigerator 450 Ltr 3 door 02
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Test Tube Rotator with speed range 10 to 80 RPM 02
GEM/2023/B/4375664 Counter Chair 10 nos
ENQ202401087665 ENQ202401087665
 ENQ202401087665.pdf(151.15 KB)
ENQ202401087669 ENQ202401087669
 ENQ202401087669.pdf(148.55 KB)
ENQ202401087684 ENQ202401087684
 ENQ202401087684.pdf(147.66 KB)
ENQ202401087695 ENQ202401087695
 ENQ202401087695.pdf(148.32 KB)
ENQ202401087704 ENQ202401087704
 ENQ202401087704.pdf(151.06 KB)
ENQ202401087706 ENQ202401087706
 ENQ202401087706.pdf(148.69 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4223306 Gross Alpha Counter 03 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4424016 Rate Contract for Refilling of Medical Gases Carbondioxide Type D 31 Kgs 80
GEM/2023/B/4400728 Printer LaserJet Black and White 03
GEM/2023/B/4228406 Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves 4500 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4362587 Refrigerated Centrifuge 01 nos.
GEM/2024/B/4468201 OEM/Compatible Cartridge/Consumable 42
GEM/2023/B/4375963 Laptop- Notebook 03 nos
GEM/2023/B/4363764 Lab Multi Sample Thermal Mixer 1no
GEM/2023/B/4304339 Adaptive Image Receive Coil-01 Qty & Breast Coil: -01 Qty for GE 1.5T Signa Artist MRI System
GEM/2023/B/4304387 DWI & Propeller ARDL and Signa Artist 1.5T ARDL 2D & 3D Support 01 Nos.
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Portable Liquid Nitrogen Container ( 5 Ltr.) 02
ENQ202401087498 ENQ202401087498
ENQ202401087561 ENQ202401087561
ENQ202401087559 ENQ202401087559
 ENQ202401087559.pdf(148.15 KB)
ENQ202401087557 ENQ202401087557
 ENQ202401087557.pdf(148.65 KB)
ENQ202401087491 ENQ202401087491
 ENQ202401087491.pdf(148.32 KB)
ENQ202401087496 ENQ202401087496
 ENQ202401087496.pdf(148.97 KB)
ENQ202401087494 ENQ202401087494
 ENQ202401087494.pdf(148.25 KB)
ENQ202401087493 ENQ202401087493
 ENQ202401087493.pdf(148.28 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4318385 Infusion Pump
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/ SPM… Providing and Fixing Navigation Signages Across ACTREC. Rs. 2,048
 BOQ-148.xls(243 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Nikon Digital Camera with Lens 03
GEM/2023/B/4345650 Tissue Dissociator 1 Qty
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Water equivalent slab insert for CC01 1 no.
GEM/2023/B/4304458 Almira Steel
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Providing car park marking for designated places in ACTREC. Rs. 3,333
 SQ-147.pdf(297.25 KB)
 BOQ-147.xls(277.5 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Toilet renovation at CRC 2 nd floor at ACTREC. Rs. 3,333
GEM/2023/B/4324072 Vertical Electrophoresis System 2 No.
GEM/2023/B/4324197 Vertical Electrophoresis System 2 No.
GEM/2023/B/4328166 Multifunction Machines MFM 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4328263 Domestic Refrigerators as per IS 1476 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4328479 Horizontal Electrophoresis System(PAC Only) 1 no.
GEM/2023/B/4261216 Thermal Cycler( Multiblock)
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Hand Dynamometer 2 no
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Syringe Pump 13 no
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Heating Bath (bead based) 2 no.
GEM/2023/B/4245874 Multiparameter pH or mV or ISE or Temp Meter
GEM/2023/B/4225726 MRI Compatible Anaesthesia Machine
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Microcentrifuge with Lid Angle Rotor 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Microcentrifuge Refrigerated 15000 RPM 01
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Countless II FL 01
GEM/2023/B/4304179 Dosimetry cable - TNC Type 20 m Extension Cable 2 Nos and Parallel Plate Chamber (PPC 05 Parallel Pl
GEM/2023/B/4250295 Non Refrigerated Centrifuge for General purpose and research
ENQ202401087409 ENQ202401087409
 ENQ202401087409.pdf(148.15 KB)
ENQ202401087382 ENQ202401087382
 ENQ202401087382.pdf(148.08 KB)
ENQ202401087380 ENQ202401087380
 ENQ202401087380.pdf(151.14 KB)
ENQ202401087375 ENQ202401087375
 ENQ202401087375.pdf(149.21 KB)
ENQ202401087337 ENQ202401087337
 ENQ202401087331.pdf(150.27 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4107420 SPECT/CT Scanner Dual Head Gamma Camera with CT
GEM/2023/B/4228347 Airport Terminal Chair
GEM/2023/B/4228347 Infusion Pump
ENQ202401087331 ENQ202401087331
ENQ202401087325 ENQ202401087325
 ENQ202401087325.pdf(149.81 KB)
ENQ202401087331 ENQ202401087331
 ENQ202401087331.pdf(150.27 KB)
ENQ202401087324 ENQ202401087324
ENQ202401087324 ENQ202401087324
ENQ202401087324 ENQ202401087324
ENQ202301087323 ENQ202301087323
 ENQ202301087323.pdf(148.61 KB)
ENQ202301087319 ENQ202301087319
 ENQ202301087319.pdf(147.72 KB)
ENQ202301087318 ENQ202301087318
 ENQ202301087318.pdf(148.02 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Water Jacked Co2 Incubator 2 Qty
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/CB/… GI Cladding and Chain link mesh over Parapet at terrace of RRS Bldg at ACTREC Rs. 33,333
GEM/2023/B/3646292 Endoscopy system with cart processor, light, source, recorder, monitor
GEM/2023/B/4261685 3D Culture System
TMC/ACTREC/ENG/ SSP/… SITC of Oxygen Manifold System for Animal Room in AH- 104, 106, 118 in Animal House Bldg, ACTREC. Rs. 1,650/-
 BOQ-145.xls(248.5 KB)
 TD.pdf(287.94 KB)
ENQ202301087200 ENQ202301087200
 ENQ202301087200.pdf(150.75 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Orbital Shaker
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Acrylizer Dental 1 no
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Surgical Instruments
GEM/2023/B/4233312 96-Well SBS format 2D- Barcode sample storage tubes
GEM/2023/B/4146203 Thermal Cycler( Multiblock)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/JK/… Supply and laying of optical fiber cable between various buildings in the ACTREC Campus Rs. 12,725
GEM/2023/B/4146203 Ultra Low temperature laboratory deep freezer
GEM/2023/B/4226151 Laboratory Refrigerator
GEM/2023/B/4173014 Elevated Grossing Station
GEM/2023/B/4108953 Dental Extraction Set 2 Nos.
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/SKB/… Electrical work in existing screening area OPD and renovation of commercial shop in Madhav Ashirvad building near Dr Ambedkar KMC Hospital Khopoli Rs. 31,860
GEM/2023/B/3913793 Next Generation Sequencer
ENQ202301087180 ENQ202301087180
 ENQ202301087180.pdf(151.12 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SPM… Repair of Laboratory table in KS 36 of CRI. 435
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SPM… Repair of Laboratory table in KS 36 of CRI. Rs. 435/-
 BOQ-139.xls(245 KB)
 SQ-139.pdf(262.13 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4234556 Refrigerated Centrifuge – Floor Model 01 nos.
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/JK/… SITC of the Biometric door access control system for various room in RRU building at ACTREC. Rs. 3,096/-
 BOQ-138.xls(232 KB)
 SQ-138.pdf(258.06 KB)
ENQ202301087035 ENQ202301087035
 ENQ202301087035.pdf(148.91 KB)
ENQ202301087018 ENQ202301087018
 ENQ202301087018.pdf(151.73 KB)
ENQ202301086956 ENQ202301086956
ENQ202301086955 ENQ202301086955
 ENQ202301086955.pdf(148.61 KB)
ENQ202301086954 ENQ202301086954
 ENQ202301086954.pdf(148.28 KB)
ENQ202301086978 ENQ202301086978
 ENQ202301086978.pdf(148.34 KB)
ENQ202301086966 ENQ202301086966
ENQ202301086776 ENQ202301086776
ENQ202301086953 ENQ202301086953
ENQ202301086952 ENQ202301086952
 ENQ202301086952.pdf(148.69 KB)
ENQ202301086981 ENQ202301086981
 ENQ202301086981.pdf(148.32 KB)
ENQ202301086988 ENQ202301086988
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Transport Trolley
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Vertical Laboratory Autoclave
GEM/2023/B/4167602 Shaking Water Baths
GEM/2023/B/4253832 Custom Bid for services- proving stitching services for stitching of various hospital items  
GEM/2023/B/4226303 Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator 02 nos
GEM/2023/B/4217333 Pulse Oximeter 22 nos
GEM/2023/B/4215458 UPS System 07 nos
ACTREC/SUR-ENQ/2023-… ACTREC/SUR-ENQ/2023-24/739
 manual enquiry1.pdf(178.65 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4222099 Grossing Station
ENQ202301086871 ENQ202301086871
ENQ202301086835 ENQ202301086835
ENQ202301086835 ENQ202301086835
ENQ202301086832 ENQ202301086832
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… CO2 Gas Cylinder
GEM/2023/B/4132489 Rotary Microtome (PAC only)
GEM/2023/B/4141986 Almirah Steel 01 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4167308 Fixed lasers Cross Hair type and fixed lasers line type
GEM/2023/B/4148060 Automated Barcode Labler for Sample 01 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4142121 Apron Locker Cabinet 01 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4142678 Executive Table 01 nos.
ENQ202301086957 ENQ202301086957
 ENQ202301086957.pdf(149.05 KB)
ENQ202301086815 ENQ202301086815
ENQ202301086815 ENQ202301086815
ENQ202301086828 ENQ202301086828
ENQ202301086827 ENQ202301086827
ENQ202301086796 ENQ202301086796
ENQ202301086796 ENQ202301086796
ENQ202301086778 ENQ202301086778
ENQ202301086757 ENQ202301086757
ENQ202301086738 ENQ202301086738
ENQ202301086704 ENQ202301086704
GEM/2023/B/4199390 Refrigerated Centrifuge Tabletop 01 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4173014 Elevated Grossing Station
ACTREC/SUR-ENQ/2023-… ACTREC/SUR-ENQ/2023-24/739
GEM/2023/B/4184930 Analog Barometer 02 nos.
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SPM… Providing and fixing of External Signage for Laboratory animal Facility at ACTREC.
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SPM… External Signage for Laboratory Animal Facility /2023 Rs. 2,788/-
 SQ-132.pdf(350.78 KB)
 BOQ-132.xls(244 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /SSP… Replacement of Pressure Gauges & Temperature Gauges for Hadron Building in ACTREC. Rs. 1,348/-
 SQ-133.pdf(258.49 KB)
 BOQ-133.xls(238 KB)
ENQ202301086611 ENQ202301086611
ENQ202301086712 ENQ202301086712
GEM/2023/B/4163676 Manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 4 No.
GEM/2023/B/4152702 Audi – Visual System For Auditorium
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Logitech Group Conferencing System with PTZ Camera 2 no.
ENQ202301086610 ENQ202301086610
ENQ202301086610 ENQ202301086610
ENQ202301086586 ENQ202301086586
ENQ202301086594 ENQ202301086594
ENQ202301086588 ENQ202301086588
GEM/2023/B/4044505 VORTEX METER
GEM/2023/B/4148145 Paraffin Embedding System
GEM/2023/B/4172907 Desktop Computers 02 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4023651 Fine pipettes f2 single channel adjustable volume
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/SP/S… Shifting of Air Compressor from Archival block to ward block at ACTREC
 SQ.pdf(617.85 KB)
 BOQ-126.xls(297.5 KB)
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/AU-… Providing car park marking for designated places in ACTREC ,
 SQ-123.pdf(618.7 KB)
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Automated Cell Counter
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Syringe Pump
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Cooling Plate
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Heating Bath (Bead based)
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Programmable Hybridization/Denaturization Slide Processing System
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Co2 Incubator with Co2 resistant shaker with clean room compatibility
ENQ202301086577 ENQ202301086577
ENQ202301086573 ENQ202301086573
ENQ202301086567 ENQ202301086567
ENQ202301086535 ENQ202301086535
ENQ202301086540 ENQ202301086540
ENQ202301086537 ENQ202301086537
ENQ202301086499 ENQ202301086499
GEM/2023/B/4104515 Online UPS 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4120282 Stereo Microscope 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4114947 Domestic Pressure Cookers 10 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4129274 Supply of Flow Cell/s along with supply of NGS 1 No on Reagent Rental Basis for 5 years
ENQ202301086365 ENQ202301086365
ENQ202301086368 ENQ202301086368
ENQ202301086363 ENQ202301086363
ENQ202301086360 ENQ202301086360
ENQ202301086428 ENQ202301086428
ENQ202301086423 ENQ202301086423
ENQ202301086424 ENQ202301086424
GEM/2023/B/4109186 Android Mobile 40 Nos.
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Upgrade for Genomic Analysis Workstation
ACTTREC/PUR/23-24/E-… Foot Operated Bunsen Burner 2 no.
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Transport Trolley 2 Nos
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Storage Cabinet (Wooden Cabinet)
GEM/2023/B/3868818 Scrambler Therapy Unit 01 nos.
GEM/2023/B/4011829 Desktop Computer
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Formaldehyde Meter
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… 4 Deg. Refrigerator
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG/SP/S… Shifting of Air Compressor from Archival block to ward block at ACTREC Rs. 1,905/-
 BOQ-126.xls(298 KB)
 SQ.pdf(617.7 KB)
ACTRECTMC/ ACTREC/EN… Construction of Hostel Building including all Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Services, Firefighting & Horticulture works at ACTREC, Kharghar… 72,00,000.00
 NIT (18).pdf(1.11 MB)
GEM/2023/B/4061366 Defibrillator 7 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4120367 DSLR/Compact/ Handheld Camcorder or Video Cameras 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4119815 Manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 24 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/3912317 Microplate Multimode Reader (Q1)
GEM/2023/B/3912317 Microplate Multimode Reader (Q1)
ENQ202301086198 ENQ202301086198
ENQ202301086196 ENQ202301086196
ENQ202301086198 ENQ202301086198
ENQ202301086254 ENQ202301086254
ENQ202301086253 ENQ202301086253
ENQ202301086234 ENQ202301086234
ENQ202301086233 ENQ202301086233
ENQ202301086227 ENQ202301086227
ENQ202301086206 ENQ202301086206
ENQ202301086197 ENQ202301086197
ENQ202301086196 ENQ202301086196
ENQ202301086137 ENQ202301086137
ENQ202301086136 ENQ202301086136
ENQ202301086167 ENQ202301086167
GEM/2023/B/4046201 HP LASERJET PRO MFP 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3873105 Non Refrigerated Centrifuge for General and Research Purpose 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3889561 Spectrophotometer
GEM/2023/B/4062157 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Bare Foil for Food Packaging 1200 Nos.
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Providing car park marking for designated places in ACTREC. Rs. 3,919/-
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /AU-… Providing car park marking for designated places in ACTREC. Rs. 3,919/-
 SQ-123.pdf(637.81 KB)
 BOQ-123.xls(266.5 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4089434 Desktop Computers 6 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4072352 Packaging Tape 1200 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4054417 Refrigerated Centrifuge for General and Research Purpose 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3996692 Accessories for Endoscopy Cart
ENQ202301086152 ENQ202301086152
ENQ202301086155 ENQ202301086155
ENQ202301086162 ENQ202301086162
ENQ202301086164 ENQ202301086164
ENQ202301086163 ENQ202301086163
ENQ202301086161 ENQ202301086161
ENQ202301086160 ENQ202301086160
ENQ202301086159 ENQ202301086159
ENQ202301086156 ENQ202301086156
ENQ202301086155 ENQ202301086155
ENQ202301086154 ENQ202301086154
ENQ202301086153 ENQ202301086153
ENQ202301086152 ENQ202301086152
ENQ202301086135 ENQ202301086135
ENQ202301086134 ENQ202301086134
ACTREC/PUR/2023-2024… Cabinet Block Filing 10 Nos.
ENQ202301086101 ENQ202301086101
ENQ202301086105 ENQ202301086105
GEM/2023/B/4121842 OEM / Compatible Cartridge / Consumables 36 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4084524 OEM / Compatible Cartridge / Consumables 26 Nos.
ENQ202301086124 ENQ202301086124
ENQ202301086105 ENQ202301086105
ENQ202301086101 ENQ202301086101
GEM/2023/B/4067691 Manual Single Channel Air Displacement pipettes or Micropipette. 1 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4018527 Fine Pipettes F2 Single Channel Adjustable Volume 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4023693 Fine Pipettes F2 Single Channel Adjustable Volume 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4023651 Fine Pipettes F2 Single Channel Adjustable Volume 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4027594 Rotospin Test Tube rotator 1 No.
ENQ202301085988 ENQ202301085988
TMC/ACTREC/ENGG /CB/… SITC of additional PVC Overhead tank for Shanti Sadan (Vasundhara) OPD Block at ACTREC 600.00
 SQ-120.pdf(650.24 KB)
, ,
 Date Extentions.pdf(579.65 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4051127 Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator 2 Nos.
ENQ202301085991 ENQ202301085991
ENQ202301085989 ENQ202301085989
ENQ202301085992 ENQ202301085992
ENQ202301085990 ENQ202301085990
ENQ202301085935 ENQ202301085935
2023_TMC_776501_1 Contract for Supply & Management of Manpower & Material For Canteen Services For Patients / Staff / Guests at ACTREC for the period of one… 9,00,000.00
 TD.PDF(633.02 KB)
GEM/2023/B/4050921 Gradient Maker 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4055114 Instrument Trolley Hospital 5 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4054611 Inverted Research Microscope 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4045664 Domestic Refrigerator as per IS 1476
GEM/2023/B/4044505 Vortex mixers 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4044917 Multichannel Pipette 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4043979 Vertical Electrophoresis System 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4082774 Custom Bid For Services- Refilling of various types of gas cylinder CO2 N2 Zero Air Mixed Gas
GEM/2023/B/4045789 Revolving Chair 12 Nos.
ENQ202301085949 ENQ202301085949
ENQ202301085942 ENQ202301085942
ENQ202301085941 ENQ202301085941
ENQ202301085932 ENQ202301085932
ENQ202301085933 ENQ202301085933
ENQ202301085930 ENQ202301085930
ENQ202301085929 ENQ202301085929
ENQ202301085928 ENQ202301085928
GEM/2023/B/4046201 HP laser Jet Pro Mfp 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4028951 Rocking Platform
GEM/2023/B/4028883 Magnetic Strirrer
GEM/2023/B/4029473 Hot Air Oven
GEM/2023/B/3823400 Dry Bath (Heating Block) 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3970814 Manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 8 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/3958308 Manual single channel air displacement pipetters or micropipette 20 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/3970603 Online UPS 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3970169 Non Refrigerated Centrifuge for General Purpose and research 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3970083 Online UPS 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/3966643 Peristaltic Pump 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/4028530 Biosafety Cabinet
GEM/2023/B/4028648 Incubator
GEM/2023/B/4029541 Refrigerated Centrifuge
GEM/2023/B/4028305 Deep Freezer -20 C
GEM/2023/B/3965249 Non Refrigerated Centrifuge for General Purpose and research 1 No.
GEM/2023/B/3970250 Rotospin Test tube rotator 1 No.
ENQ202301085911 ENQ202301085911
ENQ202301085910 ENQ202301085910
ENQ202301085908 ENQ202301085908
ENQ202301085914 ENQ202301085914
ENQ202301085918 ENQ202301085918
ENQ202301085912 ENQ202301085912
ENQ202301085909 ENQ202301085909
ENQ202301085904 ENQ202301085904
ENQ202301085838 ENQ202301085838
ENQ202301085857 ENQ202301085857ENQ202301085857
ENQ202301085859 ENQ202301085859
ENQ202301085860 ENQ202301085860
ENQ202301085858 ENQ202301085858
ENQ202301085853 ENQ202301085853
ENQ202301085840 ENQ202301085840
GEM/2023/B/4015282 Water Baths 1 No.
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Rocking Platform 2 Nos.
ACTREC/PUR/23-24/E-T… Dehumidifier 9 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4011085 Water Purification System 2 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/4010606 Workstation 1 No.
Enq/2023-24/4971 Iclusig (Ponatinib) 15mg 1*30 Tab Ariad Pharma 3 Nos.
Enq/2023-24/4972 Foscarnet 6gm IV Inj 30 Nos.
Enq/2023-24/4970 Defitelio 80 mg/ml 2.5ml Defibrotide 200 mg Inj Gentium 30 Nos.
GEM/2023/B/3949401 Vertical Autoclave
ENQ202301085837 ENQ202301085837
ENQ202301085792 ENQ202301085792
ENQ202301085791 ENQ202301085791
GEM/2023/B/4034167 Refrigerated Centrifuge Table top