Composite Laboratory


Officer in charge : Dr Preeti Chavan


Composite Laboratory is involved in patient service, academics and research. Patient services include Phlebotomy (Blood Sample Collection), Hematology (CBC, Coagulation and Peripheral Blood Smear Examination), and Biochemistry (Biochemistry and Immunoassay).


All the diagnostic tests for patients are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL). The quality systems are compliant with the ISO -15189 standard guidelines. Automated state of the art equipment are available for testing. Round the clock emergency patient services are provided. The department has well trained technologists and highest quality standards are maintained with regard to diagnostic services.

The department is involved in teaching students of nursing and laboratory staff. Summer training and scientific projects for BSc/MSc students are also undertaken. The department is also involved in laboratory based scientific research projects with regular publications in national and international journals.

Academic Programs

The ATMLT (Advanced training course in Medical Laboratory Technology) is conducted and coordinated by the department for the medical laboratory technicians.

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S. No.NameDesignation
1.Dr Preeti ChavanOfficer in charge
2.Manikchandra TiwariScientific Assistant 'E'
3.Pratik PoladiaScientific Assistant 'D'
4.Rajani MohiteScientific Assistant 'C'
5.Babu PillaiScientific Assistant 'B'
6.Sanjay PalScientific Assistant 'B'
7.Ulka GosaviScientific Assistant 'B'
8.Umakant GavhaneTechnician 'D'
9.Swati VaykarTechnician 'C'
10.Ganesh RautTechnician 'C'
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