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Oral Cancer

The oral cancer gene database has been compiled to enable fast retrieval of updated information and role of the genes implicated in oral cancer. The first version of the database covered 242 genes and the second version, enlarged to include 374 genes by adding 132 gene entries.


This histome database can be used to explore the diversity of histone proteins and their sequence variants in many organisms. The resource was established to better understand how sequence variation may affect functional and structural features of nucleosomes.


PDZscape is a comprehensive and unique compilation of all existing PDZ-containing proteins on a single platform. It currently provides a user friendly search interface that enables the database to be queried using the names and external identifiers. It is an updated integration of Uniprot Knowledge Base, STRING functional protein association networks, Protein Data Bank, NCBI gene information, KEGG PATHWAY Database and IntAct Database. It encompasses information of 56,935 PDZ-containing proteins and their interacting partners.

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