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Tender No.Name of EquipmentsEMD Amount (in ₹)QtyPre-bid MeetingClosing of Purchase of Tender/Online TenderDate & Time of Tender SubmissionDate & Time of Tender Opening
GEM/221/B/1559729 Blood & Fluid Warmer 16 Nos.
GEM/221/B/1567338 Commercial Signage Display System along with server and software 1 No.
GEM/2021/B/1552868 Hot Air Oven 3 Nos.
GEM/2021/B/1559729 Blood & Fluid Warmer 16 Nos.
GEM/2021/B/1553569 Ultrasonic Cleaners 1 No.
GEM/2021/B/1561509 Ultrasonic Cleaners 1 No.
GEM/2021/B/1557731 Portable Ultrasound Machine 2 Nos.
GEM/2021/B/1560030 Laptop-Notebook 20 Nos.
GEM/2021/B/1500342 ECG Machine 5 Nos.
GEM/2021/B/1462479 Cardiac Monitor with defribrillator 5 Nos.
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