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Research Projects

Our laboratory is engaged in multiple research studies with translational relevance.


The proluton study aimed to identify the molecular mediators of beneficiary survival effect of a single depot hydroxyl-progesterone dose in node positive patients eligible for upfront surgical resection (PMID: 21670457). We subjected patient samples before, and after, hydroxyl-progesterone peri-operative intervention, to whole transcriptome sequencing on a next generation sequencing platform. We identified that peri-operative hydroxyl-progesterone intervention modulated molecular pathways involved in surgical stress and inflammation in these breast cancer patients. These molecular changes may be responsible for the pro-survival effects of peri-operative hydroxyl-progesterone intervention in node positive breast cancer patients. Our laboratory was the first in the world to report the biological pathways de-regulated by hydroxyl-progesterone in-vivo, in human breast cancer patients. We reported the findings from this study in a peer-reviewed manuscript (PMID: 29564740).

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