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Dr. Indraneel Mittra



Professor Indraneel Mittra is the Dr. Ernest Borges Chair in Translational Research and Professor Emeritus, Department of Surgical Oncology at the Tata Memorial Centre / ACTREC. Professor Mittra was earlier Professor of Surgical Oncology and Chief of Surgical Breast Service at TMH and the Head of Division of Laboratory Medicine.


Professor Mittra's research interests are wide ranging and encompass clinical, laboratory and public health research in cancer as reflected in the diverse nature of his publications. Professor Mittra established the Translational Research Laboratory at ACTREC in the year 2009 and his current research interest lies in the area of biology of extracellular nucleic acids and their role in cancer initiation and metastatis. Professor Mittra's research has led to the discovery that circulating nucleic acids are biologically active molecules and cause damage to DNA of healthy cells by integrating into their genomes. These findings have far-reaching implications for a multitude of human disorders including ageing and cancer. In the field of public health research, Professor Mittra was the founder of PI of one of the largest community-based randomized trials of early detection of breast and cervical cancer using low cost technology approaches funded by a RO1 grant from NIH. The study has established for the first time that visual inspection of the cervix after application of 4% acetic acid can reduce mortality from cervical cancer by 31%. This research finding if applied widely has the potential to prevent nearly 200,000 deaths globally every year. Results of the breast cancer early detection component of this study will be released in 2016.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • project1

    Genomic integration of circulating nucleic acids and DNA damage.

    Whether nucleic acids that circulate in blood (CNAs) have any patho-physiological functi… more

  • project1

    Chromatin isolated from serum of cancer patients trigger genomic instability, infl…

    Our research has shown that Cfs derived from cancer patients are biologicall… more

  • project1

    Chromatin from dead cancer cells integrates into genomes of living cells to induce…

    Following our observation that circulating Cfs are DNA damaging and oncogeni… more

  • project1

    How histologically similar is the metastatic tumour to the primary?

    There is a long held belief among medical doctors and scientists that metastatic tumours… more

  • project1

    Pullulan-histone antibody nanoconjugates for the removal of chromatin fragments fr…

    Since our study shows that Cfs are DNA damaging agents with implications for… more

  • project1

    hromatin from dead cells cause radiation induced by-stander effect.

    Radiation induced by-stander effect (RIBE) is a poorly understood phenomenon… more

  • project1

    A paradoxical synergistic effect between Resveratrol and copper (II) with respect…

    Since our study shows that Cfs are DNA damaging agents with implicatio… more

  • project1

    The ability of R-Cu to degrade circulating chromatin in vivo.

    Following cue from the above in vitro experiments, we… more

  • project1

    Sonication imparts biological properties to DNA and ability to transmit itself hor…

      We have recently reported that DNA and chromatin fragments derived from apoptotic cell… more



Office Contact

Dr. Indraneel Mittra

Advance Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer, Tata Memorial Centre, (ACTREC), Plot No. 1 & 2, Sector 22, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410210. Maharashtra India.+91 (022) 2740 5000/ 6873 5000 Extn-5136 Lab Website

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