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Chromatin isolated from serum of cancer patients trigger genomic instability, inflammation and cancer.


Our research has shown that Cfs derived from cancer patients are biologically more potent than those derived from healthy volunteers. We have observed that treatment of NIH3T3 cells with Cfs isolated from sera of cancer patients trigger a genome-wide deregulation of transcription, chromosomal instability, inflammation and up-regulation of multiple cancer-related pathways encompassing 200 genes. In 30% of our experiments, oncogenic transformation was observed in the treated cells within 72hr - 96hr. The transformed cells were tumourigenic in immune-deficient mice and FISH detected human DNA signals in nuclei of tumour cells. Cfs that circulate in blood of cancer patients may be involved in systemic spread of cancer.
Induction of chromosomal instability following treatment of recipient cells with Cfs derived from sera of cancer patients as detected by spectral karyotyping. The treated cells show significantly increased number of chromosomal translocations. It should be noted that the treated cell shows evidence of hyper-diploidy

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