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Genome wide DNA methylation profiling in leukoplakia and oral cancer.


Our lab is mainly interested in the process of carcinogenesis of head and neck cancers. Previously in our lab, we have performed aCGH and gene expression (GE) analysis on the OSCC tissues. Currently, we are interested in looking at the global DNA methylation pattern in these tissues, as the reports suggest that epigenetics also plays very important role in the process of carcinogenesis. The presence of methyl group on CpG sites can switch on or off the gene. There are very few studies based on genome wide DNA methylation signature in oral cancers. Integration of aCGH, GE and DNA methylation data will give us the comprehensive knowledge about the process of multistage, multistep and multifactorial carcinogenesis in oral cancers.

Usha Patel

SRF- CRI, Ph D Student

Mayuri Inchanalkar

Mahimkar Lab

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