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Anjana Rajesh Jadhav

Usha Patel

Dr. Nandini Verma

Anjana Rajesh Jadhav

I am a final year MSc Biotechnology student at VIT, Vellore, and I am currently immersed in my dissertation project in Dr. Nandini’s lab. My passion lies in the intricate field of cancer biology, with a particular focus on understanding the mechanisms behind cell metastasis and the resilience of cancer cells during therapy. Dr. Nandini Verma’s lab provides an ideal environment for me to acquire the necessary skill set and knowledge to pursue my goals in this challenging field. The project that captivates my interest revolves around ferroptosis as a mechanism to combat drug-tolerant persister cancer cells. Beyond my academic pursuits, I find immense joy in going on treks and indulging in delicious food. . I am eager to contribute to the ongoing research in the lab and make meaningful contributions to the understanding and treatment of cancer, while also enjoying my hobbies outside the academic realm

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