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Role of IGF-1R in ovarian cancer metastasis

Role of IGF-1R in ovarian cancer metastasis

For epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), the incidence of relapse is overwhelming and is attributed to acquired chemo resistance. Patients that present with distant metastases at relapse show poor prognosis as the disease is often incurable. Previous studies from our lab have shown that IGF1R signalling, which is known to control chemo resistance and metastasis independently, shows oscillatory pattern across sensitive, early and late chemo-resistant EOC cells.

Using indigenously developed cellular and animal models of chemo resistance, I am investigating the role of IGF1R signalling in the manifestation of distant/organ specific colonization of chemo resistant EOC cells.

Usha Patel

Senior Research Fellow

Abhilash Deo

Ray Lab

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