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Common Instrument Room

Common Instrument Room

Mr. Uday Dandekar
Officer-in-Charge: Mr. Uday Dandekar

Over the past 40 years, the Institute has maintained a Common Instrument Room as a facility housing vital scientific equipment that are routinely required by the Centre’s staff and students, to optimize their utilization and make them available round the clock on all days of the week - including holidays. The facility also provides technical guidance and support to various research laboratories in the procurement and maintenance of their capital equipment.

Technically qualified staff members attached to this facility handle routine maintenance of all the equipment and render help to the end users, thus ensuring proper use of the equipment.

Requisite spares for centrifuges, low temperature freezers, CO2 incubators, etc. and consumables like centrifuge tubes, thermal paper rolls, etc. are procured on a regular basis and kept in stock in the facility to reduce downtime of the equipment. In all, 94 equipments are currently housed in this facility. During 2017, a multimode microplate reader was procured and installed in the CIR.

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