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Dr. Ashok Varma
Officer-in-Charge: Dr. Ashok Varma

The Bioinformatics facility of ACTREC provides infrastructural and technical support to scientists, clinicians and research scholars of the Centre to fulfil the bioinformatics requirements of their on-going research projects. Scientists of the Centre also use the facility’s infrastructure to explore microarray, next generation sequence data analysis, database development, molecular modelling and data mining for their on-going projects.

This facility receives strong funding support from DBT and is established as a BTIS-net centre of this region. It is well equipped with one nVIDIA Tesla GPU workstation, 5 workstations, 1 webserver and seven PCs. The facility also focuses on database development such as Histome: the human infobase; this database is presently being updated. In the domain of gene expression studies, projects related to TGCA database mining and analysis are under progress. In silico molecular modelling, dynamics and protein-protein interactions have been performed using BARC’s supercomputing facility.

The facility hosted a national 28th BTISnet Coordinators Meeting on 3rd and 4th February 2017. The facility also organized its annual 2-day Workshop on ‘Basics of Bioinformatics’ targeting college teachers and research scholars of institutions in the Mumbai and neighboring areas on 2nd and 3rd March 2017. The facility staff also provided training to six trainees during the year, three for Bachelor’s/ Master’s dissertation and three for experience.

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