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International Cancer Genome Consortium


This international collaborative project aims to establish a comprehensive catalogue of Genomic & other abnormalities in 500 tumours each of 50 different Cancer types of Clinical & Societal importance across the globe. India has taken up Comprehensive Genomic and associated analyses of the most prevalent Indian Cancer – Gingivo-Buccal Squamus Carcinoma. All the 500 cases will be accrued in ACTREC, deep resequencing at NIBMG and associated methylation, transcriptome, IHC and functional analyses will be done at ACTREC. With the 1st case enrolled at ACTREC in February 2010 we expect to complete 50 cases in 1 year and all 500 cases in 3 years. [Nature 15:464 (7291), 993-8.2010]

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