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Role of alkylamines in priming lymphocytes for antitumor effector functions


Alkylamines are the group of non peptidic molecules, which are capable of stimulating Vγ9/Vδ2 T cells. These alkylamines are secreted at millimolar concentrations in bacterial culture supernatants and also are found at high concentrations in tea and at lower concentrations in other edible plant products such as apples and wine. Our studies demonstrate, ethylamine in combination with cytokines IL-15 is able to activate γδ T cells. Activated γδ T cells express activation markers (CD69 and CD25) and chemokines receptors (CCR5 and CXCR4). Stimulation of γδ T cells with ethylamine in the presence of IL-15 resulted in increased production of IFN-gamma. Studies are under way to evaluate the antitumor effector functions of ethylamine stimulated γδ T cells.

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