• Structural repair and rehabilitation of Kanchan & Ketki buildings at ACTREC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

    01 February 2022
  • MS Structural steel with roofing work and allied Civil works at Vasundhara Bldg. ACTREC

    28 January 2022
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Switchgears and allied work for Service Block at ACTREC

    27 January 2022

    07 July 2021
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JRF 2022

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  • Center allotment list for candidates applied for ACTREC-JRF 2022 - Revised

    03 January 2022
  • Center allotment list for candidates applied for ACTREC-JRF 2022 Online Entrance Examination to be held on Saturday, January 08, 2022, at 9.00 am to 12.00 noon

    24 December 2021
  • JRF 2022 Advertisement - Extended date - 8th December 2021

    01 December 2021
  • Due to a technical issue of the payment gateway used on the JRF application portal, a few students have made multiple attempts to pay or made multiple payments due to a pending notice on their profile. Our technical team is working to resolve this issue. Any excess amount paid by the student will be refunded to the respective candidates and the application will be converted as SUBMITTED with due verification. The status will be updated by 10th December 2021.

    Please send your payment and JRF application details to jrf2022@actrec.gov.in only if you have made multiple payments during the application process.

  • JRF 2021 Selected and waitlisted Candidates at ACTREC

    30 June 2021
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ACTREC strongly advises its patients to avoid any unnecessary travel in view of the Corona Virus risk. If you are not on active treatment or do not have any disease-related complaints, it is recommended that you postpone your OPD appointment by calling us on 022-27405469 during week days between 9.15 am to 5.30 pm CoviScience@ACTREC (donation for charity)

  • New patients can register now online. Click here or go to Online Patient Services under Patients & Families.
  • In wake of the prevailing COVID-19 situation and prevailing "lockdown-like restriction" of the city, acceptance and registering of new studies and services of Anti-Cancer Drug Screening facility (ACDSF) at ACTREC are temporarily adjourned. All users are requested not to send their samples for testing until further notification.
Dr. Sudeep Gupta

डॉ. सुदीप गुप्ता
निदेशक - एक्ट्रेक


टाटा स्मारक केंद्र, एशिया का सबसे बड़ा कैंसर अस्पताल है  जिसके साथ "कैंसर में उपचार, अनुसंधान एवं शिक्षा के लिए प्रगत केंद्र" अत्याधुनिक अनुसंधान एवं विकास कार्य कर रहा है. इसमें "टाटा स्मारक अस्प्ताल" भी शामिल है.

अधिक पढो

कैन्सर की जानकारी

कैंसर क्या है? कैन्सर कोशिकाओं के असामान्य विकास से जुड़ी बीमारियों का एक समूह है. किसी भी जांच के बिना, रोग अंततः प्रगति कर सकता है, जिससे पूर्व-परिपक्व मृत्यु हो सकती है। वे शरीर में कहीं भी उत्पन्न हो सकते हैं और सभी आयु वर्ग, सामाजिक-आर्थिक स्तर और जाति के लोगों को प्रभावित कर सकते हैं. कैंसर दुनिया में रुग्णता और मृत्यु दर का प्रमुख कारण है. इंटरनेशनल एजेंसी फॉर रिसर्च ऑन कैंसर के आंकड़ों के अनुसार, दुनिया भर में 2018 में कैंसर से 18.1 मिलियन नए कैंसर के मामले थे, 9.6 मिलियन कैंसर से मौतें हुईं। सामान्य कैंसर दुनिया भर में, पुरुषों में सबसे आम कैंसर फेफड़े, प्रोस्टेट, कोलो-मलाशय, पेट…
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