Pre-requisites, installation, and execution of DepRanker:

1.Linux/Unix based Operating System (Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Novell Suse)
2.RAM: 8GB or more.
3.R/BioC requirements: edgeR and limma packages
4.Python requirements: numpy, sciPy and Tkinker for GUI


Users need to install the dependencies listed above for command line version and graphical version. Once the dependencies have been resolved the user can use the following four steps to run the DepRanker:
1.Download either the deprankergui-git zip file from the link provided here.
2.Unzip the file.
3.On the terminal go inside the depranker source folder (for example, to use the command line version type the following on the terminal)
cd depranker-git/depranker
4.User can thus run the DepRanker directly using the command given below for the specific version (CMD or GUI)