COVID qPCR Analyzer

COVID qPCR Analyzer is an in silico tool to analyze the output obtained from one-step, one tube, multiplex probe-based qRT-PCR assay to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, or any pathogen, in an unambiguous and reproducible manner. The tool requires minimal requirement of third-party tools and works in a platform independent manner. The GUI allows the user to set an adjustable threshold Ct value for positive signal for the test and reference samples. Using the raw excel files from the real time PCR machine as an input for analysis, the automated analyzer first confirms the accurate determination of reference samples to consider the assay valid, followed by generation of an automated report for the test samples.

[ COVID qPCR Analyzer is free for academic users. Please write to adutt[at]actrec[dot]gov[dot]in if you intent to use COVID qPCR Analyzer for commercial purpose. ]