COVID qPCR Analyzer

Pre-requisites and Download of COVID qPCR Analyzer:


1. R (Version > 3.5):
    To Install R in Windows:
   - Open an internet browser and go to
   - Click the "download R" link in the middle of the page under "Getting Started."
   - Select a CRAN location (a mirror site) and click the corresponding link.
   - Click on the "Download R for Windows" link at the top of the page.
   - Click on the "install R for the first time" link at the top of the page.
   - Click "Download R for Windows" and save the executable file somewhere on your computer.
   - Run the .exe file and follow the installation instructions.

    To Install R in linux:
   - Update the system package and upgrade all our installed packages using the following commands in Terminal
      $ sudo apt update
      $ sudo apt -y upgrade
   - After that, you have to run the following in the command line to install base R.
      $ sudo apt -y install r-base

2. R packages:
    - gWidgets2
    - digest
    - dplyr
    - tidyr
    - readxl


COVID qPCR Analyzer can be downloaded from link. Upon download, extract the zip folder. Inside the resulting folder (unzipped directory ) the main start program is COVIDqPCRAnalyzer.R . There is no need to run any installer for this program.