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In Patient Procedure

In Patient Procedure

Hospital Deposit for Admission

At the time of admission, patients are required to pay a Hospital Deposit in accordance with the treatment modality and the room category. This will be adjusted in the final bill.

Ward Facilities

The Hospital currently has 120 beds for inpatient treatment.

  • General Ward beds are provided with a seating for patient's attendant and a storage cabinet for safe storage of personal belongings. Bathrooms and toilet facilities are provided in each ward and are shared by all patients in that ward.
  • Semi-Private Rooms (B Category) are air-conditioned rooms for shared occupancy, with television, attached bathroom and a couch for the attendant.
  • Private Rooms (A Category) are air-conditioned rooms for single occupancy, with television, attached bathroom, telephone facility and a couch for the attendant.

All rooms have facilities for central supply of oxygen and vacuum in addition to call bell system.

Please note that treatment, diagnostic and service charges are different for each category.

During Your Stay

We have a highly skilled team, some of them working behind the scenes to make your stay more comfortable during your period of recovery.

Your Doctor & Staff

Your treating Doctor/Service is ably supported by a team of in house Resident Doctors to ensure monitoring of treatment round the clock. Your treating Doctor/Service will prescribe all tests, medications and special treatment.

Should you require further information regarding your progress, kindly refer to your Consultant or any member of his team. In the event of an emergency, the nursing staff will contact the Resident Doctor attached to your treating Doctor.

Nursing Staff

Our nursing personnel will provide you with dignified, compassionate, and professional care. They administer your medicines and execute the treatment as specified by your treating Doctor. The Doctors and nursing personnel work in tandem to provide you with high standards of care.

Other Personnel

Ward personnel are deployed to make your stay comfortable. They are responsible to keep your rooms clean and maintain hygiene. They are also responsible to provide food/beverages. The ward personnel report to the Sister in Charge of the ward.


There is a general consent form that you need to sign during the time of registration. Special procedures being planned require your specific consent and you may discuss the same with your treating Doctor. The nursing staff will make these forms available to you as necessitated.

Money & Valuables

It is not advisable to bring large sums of money or valuables in the Hospital. You may choose to deposit your money into your Smart card account. The Hospital has an ATM on the premises. Payments can be made by credit card as well.


You will be provided daily change of patient uniform and linen. You will be required to use the same unless exempted. In case of any difficulty you may contact the Sister in Charge of the ward.

Medicines & Consumables

Your consultant will prescribe medicines and surgical consumables that you need during your treatment. You are advised to procure the same from the Hospital Pharmacy. You will be provided with a memo for the same and the amount will be billed to your account.

Please check that you have received correct medicines in right quantity. The nurses will administer the medicines as per the Doctor's orders.


When you are sick you need to be nourished with a healthy diet. Our Dieticians will plan your diet in consultation with your treating Doctor. If you have special needs or requirements please discuss the same with our Dietician. Our kitchen is well equipped to serve good balanced vegetarian meals and eggs. Please ensure that you eat your meals well within time after serving.

In case you require food for your attendant/visitor please inform the Sister in Charge of your ward well in advance.

Waste Management

The Hospital has implemented a waste management system in accordance to the national regulations, wherein the waste is segregated into infectious and non-infectious waste.

Please use the green dustbin to dispose non-infectious waste such as paper, kitchen waste etc. The yellow bin with the biohazard logo is for infected waste such as blood bags, tubes, and dressings contaminated with blood or body fluids.

Attendant & Visitors

As a patient you require rest and we do our best to provide you with a quiet, peaceful and serene environment. In order to achieve this we need your co-operation. Please discourage visitors especially children to the extent possible.

Our infrastructure can support only one attendant per patient. Visiting hours of the Hospital are from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please ensure that visitors adhere to the visiting hours only, and that they are restricted to the absolute minimum. The Intensive Care Units are restricted for Visitors.

Interim Bills

Our computerized billing system will consolidate all charges for medicines/ consumables/services availed by you during hospitalization. You can get information on the same through our Kiosks or from Front office. Please make sure that there is sufficient balance in your account your balance should not be negative at any stage during your inpatient care.

Queries regarding the bills may be addressed to the Front office. Hospital deposits / Pharmacy refunds / discrepancies, if any, will be settled at the time of generation of the final bill.

Do’s & Don’ts
  • A clean and hygienic environment is essential for the well-being of our patients, and our team of trained personnel strives to maintain cleanliness in the Hospital. Our efforts need to be supplemented by you and by your visitors.
  • The ACTREC premise is a Tobacco Free Zone and the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  • Spitting in ACTREC premises is forbidden.
  • Do not attempt to shift or repair electrical gadgets. Contact the Sister in charge who will request the Engineering Department for assistance.
  • Do not keep the windows of the room or wards open as it affects the air-conditioning in the area.
  • Please refrain from operating the oxygen and vacuum outlets.
  • Please report to the authorities in case you come across any suspicious material/ behavior from persons.

Discharge Procedure

Your treating Doctor will decide when it is advisable for you to leave the Hospital. In most cases, this will be discussed with you a day in advance. Please make sure that services are correctly billed and for any unresolved queries, they should be taken up with Office of Medical Superintendent. Also kindly ensure that the unused medicines and consumables are returned to the Pharmacy before proceeding with the final bill. It is important that you arrange to leave within a reasonable time on settlement of your bills so that arrangements can be made to receive a new patient.

Refund of Medicines

You may want to return unused medicines/ consumables that you have been supplied from the Pharmacy. The Pharmacy will take back the medicines after checking the integrity of the medicines/ consumables. You will be given a refund memo and the same will be adjusted in your final bill.

Discharge Card

Your treating Doctor will prepare a discharge card with summary of Investigations, treatment, final diagnosis and advice on discharge, including follow up.

Please go through the discharge card carefully. If you have any queries please contact you’re treating Doctor.

Settlement of Account

Once discharge is intimated, please proceed to the Front office for the settlement process. You may choose to pay the bill by cash or credit card. Prompt clearance of your bills will help facilitate an early discharge.

  • No payments should be made outside of what is specified in your bill.
  • No tips should be given to any staff in the hospital.
Reimbursement of Medical Expenses

If you are entitled reimbursement of medical expenses, please submit the completed forms provided by your employer/insurer, with enclosures and bills to the Medical Records dept, first Floor, Paymaster Shodhika.

After scrutiny and due processing, the bills will be forwarded to you in two weeks' time.

Please note that only bills for medicines/ consumables/ services pertaining to our Hospital will be validated unless there is a justification to the contrary.

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