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Bushra K Khan

Usha Patel

Dr. Nandini Verma

Bushra K Khan

Dissertation Trainee

I graduated in Biotechnology from K.J. Somaiya College (Mumbai University) in 2020. Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Biotechnology at SIES College. I'm really blessed to be able to join Dr Nandini Verma, in my quest to explore the field of Cancer Research via my dissertation training at Nandini lab. The core of my training is to understand the role of cell secretome in drug resistance in TNBC so as to advance its use as therapeutics of cancer treatment and relapse prevention. In the past I've also worked on projects in the field of food biotechnology & microbiology. Apart from relishing my research work, you could find me relaxing with a cup of tea and a story ( book or movies or series doesn't matter) . Other hobbies are photography and cooking.

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