Welcome to PDZscape, a comprehensive resource for information on PDZ proteins.

Searching PDZscape

PDZscape provides simple interface to search PDZ-domain containing proteins using keywords or external database identifiers like PDB ID or UniProt ID.

1. Keyword Search:

Simple keyword search takes generic search terms including protein name, organism, disease or any other related information both individually or in combination. Keywords can be paired using AND/OR. For example, keyword 'kinesin' will give all the entries related to kinesin, but search for 'kinesin AND human' will provide results for human kinesins only.

PDZ Search

2. Identifier Search:

For obtaining information on specific PDZ-containing protein(s), identifiers for their databases such as PDB, UniProt, STRING can be typed in the query box. Multiple entries should be separated by commas.

PDZ Search

3. Sequence Search:

PDZ-Blast allows to search the PDZscape using FASTA sequence of the protein of interest. This will help identify if there are any similar sequences present in the database or if the given sequence may contain PDZ/PDZ-like domain.

PDZ Blast

3. PBPFinder:

PBPFinder finds if the provided protein is a known PDZ-binding protein Or if a given peptide sequence contains a known PDZ binding motif.

In peptide mode, input a seuqence of a small peptide and submit. This tool will scan the peptide for presence of known PDZ-binding motifs

In protein mode, input UniProt ID of a protein of interest to see if it is a PDZ-binding protein

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