Data headers in PDZscape database

uniprot_id: UniProt ID of the protein
uniprot_name: UniProt name of the protein
status: UniProt Status - Reviewed/Unreviewed
protein_names: Complete protein name and alternate names
gene_names: Gene names
organism: Organism Scientific name and common name (in brackets)
length: Length of the protein sequence
keywords: Various keywords related to protein
pathway: Pathways in which, given protein is involved
interactors: List of interacting partners
subunit_structure: Description of subunit structure and interactions from UniProt
IntAct: Cross-reference to IntAct database
STRING: Cross-reference to STRING database
PDB: Related PD IDs
KEGG: Coss-reference to KEGG database (Pathway information)
no_of_pdz: Different domains present in the protein
gene_id: Gene IDs - numerical identifiers for genes
pubmed_id: Related publications (PMIDs)
mutations: Known mutations in the protein
diseases: Known disease associations of the protein
region: Region (Start-Ennd positions of PDZ domain)