Welcome to the world of vibrational spectroscopy application in cancer

Screening is an important tool in the overall management of cancer and in reducing cancer burden in the population, The prognosis of almost all cancers depend on stage of diagnosis. Therefore detecting the disease in the early or precancerous stages is likely to be beneficial in terms of improving the outcomes. However for many cancers there are no specific screening methods as tests are yet to be developed for these cancers that are reasonably sensitive and specific while at the same time being cost effective and reproducible.

Optical spectroscopy IR absorption, Raman scattering fluorescence are being actively pursued as potential alternatives/adjunct methods to existing techniques in various aspects of cancer management, which include screening.

We focus on the following in our laboratory:

  1. Evaluation of the efficacy of in vivo/in situ Raman spectroscopy for routine screening and diagnosis under clinical setting.
  2. Developing Raman microspectroscopy for diagnosis / screening using cell smear and tissue microsections.
  3. We will also explore the complementary FTIR spectroscopy to further validate the findings of Raman spectroscopy as well as to gain better insight.

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