Dr.  Kakoli Lab

Integrated Biophysics and Structural Biology lab




The focus of the laboratory is to understand the underlying mechanism of alternative non-classical mechanisms of programmed cell death (apoptosis). Apoptosis is a fundamental cellular process essential to maintain a healthy life. Disruption of the fine balance between cell survival and death leads to several life-threatening diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders and cancer. Cancer is characterized by a breakdown in the cellular apoptotic machinery, which might be due to alteration of structural and functional properties of critical proteins in the apoptotic pathway. Interaction between pro- and anti-apoptotic proteins is closely related to the genesis and progression of cancer. Therefore, identifying the binding partners of pro-apoptotic proteins and understanding the determinants of such interactions will not only help delineate their biological roles but will also help design their peptide and non-peptide mimetics that would disrupt the interactions, promote apoptosis and hence regulate tumorigenesis.

Research Tools: Biophysics, in silico studies, protein biochemistry, enzymology,  molecular, cell and structural biology       

Dr. Kakoli Bose, Ph. D.

M.Sc. :      Science College,    Kolkata 

                 Physical Chemistry

Ph.D. :      North Carolina State            

                 University, USA


Post Doc: Tufts University Boston,