Histone Lysine ubiquitin ligase

Lysine ubiquitination is carried out by ubiquitin ligases. The whole process requires the interplay of three enzymes. E1 enzyme activates ubiquitin. E3 recognize the target substrate and simultaneously bind to E2 followed by the transfer of ubiquitin from E2 to the substrate. There are five E3 proteins known in rats.

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Different histone Lysine ubiquitin ligase
Enzyme (UniprotKB recommended name) Coding gene/s Site of histone modification
Ring Finger Protein 1RING1H2AK119ub
Ring Finger Protein 2RNF2H2AK119ub
Ring Finger Protein 20RNF20H2BK120ub
Ring Finger Protein 40RNF40H2BK120ub
Ring-box 1RBX1H2BK120ub