WSTF tyrosine kinase is known for tyrosine 142 phosphorylation and role of this modification is not much clear.

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H2AY142ph infosheet
Modified variantsHistone H2A.x
Modified Isoforms-
Writer/s Eyes Absent Homolog 1, Eyes Absent Homolog 2, Eyes Absent Homolog 3, Eyes Absent Homolog 4, Tyrosine-protein Kinase BAZ1B
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Sites of Serine/threonine/tyrosine Phosphorylation H1S140ph, H1S172ph, H1S177ph, H1S187ph, H1S27ph, H1S8ph, H1T155ph, H1T18ph, H2AS139ph, H2AS1ph, H2AT120ph, H2AY142ph, H2BS14ph, H2BS32ph, H2BS36ph, H2BT119ph, H3S10ph, H3S28ph, H3S31ph, H3S7ph, H3T11ph, H3T3ph, H3T6ph, H3Y41ph, H4S1ph, H4S47ph