Histone H2A

Mouse contains seven H2A variants coded by seven genes and are present on different chromosomes.

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Variants of histone H2A
Variants (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Core histone macro-H2A.1 or H2afyQ9QZQ81 (MACROH2A1/H2AFY)
Core histone macro-H2A.2 or H2afy2Q8CCK01 (MACROH2A2/H2AFY2)
Histone H2A.J or H2afjQ8R1M21 (H2AFJ)
Histone H2A.V or H2afvQ3THW51 (H2AFV)
Histone H2A.x or H2afxP276611 (H2AFX)
Histone H2A.Z or H2afzP0C0S61 (H2AFZ)
Histone H2A.B.3 or H2ab1S4R1E0 1 (H2AFB1)
Histone H2A.L.1 or H2al1aQ5M8Q2 1 (H2AL1A)
Histone H2A.L.2 or H2al2aQ9CQ70 1 (H2AL2A)