Histone H1

H1 is linker histone and ranges from 26-31 kDa. There are six variants of H1 in mouse and each of them is coded by a single gene.

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Variants of histone H1
Variants (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Histone H1.0 or H1f0P109221 (H1F0)
Histone H1oo or H1fooQ8VIK31 (H1FOO)
Histone H1t or Hist1h1tQ071331 (HIST1H1T)
Spermatid-specific linker histone H1-like protein or Hils1Q9QYL01 (HILS1)
Testis-specific H1 histone or H1fntQ8CJI41 (H1FNT)
Histone H1.10 or H1fxQ80ZM51 (H1FX)
Histone H1.1 or Hist1h1aP432751 (HIST1H1A)
Histone H1.2 or Hist1h1cP158641 (HIST1H1C)
Histone H1.3 or Hist1h1dP432771 (HIST1H1D)
Histone H1.4 or Hist1h1eP432741 (HIST1H1E)
Histone H1.5 or Hist1h1bQ1WWK31 (HIST1H1B)