Histone H2A

Histone H2A is ~14 kDa protein with ~130 amino acid residues. In mouse, there are in total nine H2A isoforms which are coded by eighteen genes. These genes are present in three clusters on chromosome number 3, 11 and 13.

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Isoform of histone H2A
Isoform (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Histone H2A type 1-P or Hist1h2apC0HKE91 (H2AC23/HIST1H2AP)
Histone H2A type 1 or Hist1h2abC0HKE19 (H2AC1/HIST1H2AA, H2AC4/HIST1H2AB, H2AC6/HIST1H2AC, H2AC7/HIST1H2AD , H2AC8/HIST1H2AE, H2AC11/HIST1H2AG , H2AC13/HIST1H2AI , H2AC22/HIST1H2AN , H2AC23/HIST1H2AO)
Histone H2A type 2-C or Hist2h2ac Q645231 (H2AC20/HIST2H2AC )
Histone H2A type 1-F or Hist1h2afQ8CGP51 (H2AC10/HIST1H2AF)
Histone H2A type 1-H or Hist1h2ah Q8CGP61 (H2AC12/HIST1H2AH )
Histone H2A type 1-K or Hist1h2ak Q8CGP71 (H2AC15/HIST1H2AK )
Histone H2A type 2-A or Hist2h2aa1 Q6GSS72 (H2AC18/HIST2H2AA1 , H2AC19/HIST2H2AA2 )
Histone H2A type 2-B or Hist2h2ab Q645221 (H2AC21/HIST2H2AB )
Histone H2A type 3 or Hist3h2aQ8BFU21 (H2AW/HIST3H2A)