Histone Lysine Ubiquitin Ligase

Lysine ubiquitination is carried out by ubiquitin ligases. e1 is involved in activation of ubiquitin, e2 for conjugation of ubiquitin and E3 ligase for transfer of ubiquitin from E2 to the target protein. There are six proteins known in case of a mouse.

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Different Histone Lysine Ubiquitin Ligase
Enzyme (UniprotKB recommended name) Coding gene/s Site of histone modification
Dtx3l deltex 3-like, E3 Ubiquitin LigaseDTX3L H4K91ub
E3 Ubiquitin-protein Ligase BRE1ARNF20H2BK120ub
E3 Ubiquitin-protein Ligase BRE1BRNF40H2BK120ub
E3 Ubiquitin-protein Ligase RING1RING1H2AK119ub
E3 Ubiquitin-protein Ligase RING2RNF2H2AK119ub
Eyes Absent Homolog 1EYA1H2AY142ph
Eyes Absent Homolog 2EYA2H2AY142ph
Eyes Absent Homolog 3EYA3H2AY142ph
Eyes Absent Homolog 4EYA4H2AY142ph