Histone H3

In literature, four different H3 variants with cell cycle dependent association and specific post-translational modifications have been reported. These three variants are coded by five genes. The differential association with chromatin and modifications has been evaluated in different cellular processes such as maintainance of stemness, transcriptional regulation, euchromatin and hetrochromatin organizations, cell cycle control, human cancer etc..

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Variants of histone H3
Variants (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Histone H3-like centromeric protein AP494501 (CENPA)
Histone H3.1t or TS H3.4 or H3/t or H3tQ166951 (HIST3H3)
Histone H3.3P842432 (H3F3A, H3F3B)
Histone H3.3C or H3.5Q6NXT21 (H3F3C)
Histone H3.Y or H3Y1 P0DPK21 (H3Y1)