Histone H2B

Histone H2B has only three variants coded by three different genes and they are located on diverse chromosomes. H2B histones does not contain the conserved residue in C-terminus for monoubiquitination.

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Variants of histone H2B
Variants (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Histone H2B.1 or H2BC21Q16778 1 (H2BC21)
Histone H2B type F-MP0C1H61 (H2BFM)
Histone H2B type F-SP570531 (H2BFS)
Histone H2B type W-T or H2B.WQ7Z2G11 (H2BFWT)
Histone H2BC3 or H2BC3P33778 1 (H2BC3)