Histone H1

H1 is a linker histone which binds to the 'nucleosome' and facilitates compaction of chromatin. Histone H1 variants are ~21 to 29 kDa proteins consisting of 194-255 amino acid residues. In humans, there are ten proteins of H1 variants. Each H1 variant is coded by a single gene, six are present on cluster 1 and others are not in cluster. Except H1t all other genes of cluster 1 show a replication dependent expression whereas the remaining shows a replication independent expression. H1 variants show a cell type/tissue specific expression pattern.

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Variants of histone H1
Variants (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Histone H1.0P073051 (H1F0)
Histone H1.1Q025391 (HIST1H1A)
Histone H1.2 or H1dP164031 (HIST1H1C)
Histone H1.3 or H1cP164021 (HIST1H1D)
Histone H1.4 or H1bP104121 (HIST1H1E)
Histone H1.5 or H1aP164011 (HIST1H1B)
Histone H1.8 or OO H1.8 or H1-8Q8IZA31 (H1-8)
Histone TS H1.6 or H1.6P224921 (H1.6)
Histone H1.9 or TS H1.9 or H1.9P60008 1 (H1.9)
Testis-specific H1 histone or TS H1.7 or H1t2Q75WM61 (H1FNT)
Histone H1x or H1.10Q925221 (H1FX)