variants of histone H1
variants (UniprotKB recommended name) UniprotKB Accession No. of coding gene(s)
Histone H1.0P073051 (H1F0)
Histone H1.1Q025391 (HIST1H1A)
Histone H1.2 or H1dP164031 (HIST1H1C)
Histone H1.3 or H1cP164021 (HIST1H1D)
Histone H1.4 or H1bP104121 (HIST1H1E)
Histone H1.5 or H1aP164011 (HIST1H1B)
Histone H1.8 or OO H1.8 or H1-8Q8IZA31 (H1-8)
Histone TS H1.6 or H1.6P224921 (H1.6)
Histone H1.9 or TS H1.9 or H1.9P60008 1 (H1.9)
Testis-specific H1 histone or TS H1.7 or H1t2Q75WM61 (H1FNT)
Histone H1x or H1.10Q925221 (H1FX)