H1.4 serine 186 (reported as H1S187) phosphorylation is preferentially associated with active rDNA promoters and enriched at hormone response element (PMID: 20439994).

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H1S186ph infosheet
Modified variants Histone H1.4
Disease associationsNo disease associations known for H1S186ph

Sites of serine/threonine/tyrosine phosphorylation H1S171ph, H1S172ph, H1S17ph, H1S186ph, H1S188ph, H1S26ph, H1T10ph, H1T137ph, H1T145ph, H1T153ph, H1T154ph, H1T17ph, H1T30ph, H2AS137ph, H2AS139ph, H2AS1ph, H2AT120ph, H2AY142ph, H2BS14ph, H3S10ph, H3S28ph, H3S31ph, H3S6ph, H3T11ph, H3T3ph, H3T45ph, H3T6ph, H3Y41ph, H4S1ph