AAA plans to offer valuable programs to foster connections amongst all alumni, while providing special benefits to members. The aims and objectives of the Association are:-

a) To provide a forum for members of the Association for interaction and to sustain a sense of belonging amongst the members of the Association with the Centre through mutually beneficial contacts.

b) To provide avenues for drawing the knowledge and expertise of the alumni for furthering the social cause of the Institute as a leading Centre of Excellence.

c) To foster linkages amongst the alumni and to promote personal and friendly relations through meetings and get-togethers by inviting public.

d) To collect, and distribute any such information as may be useful to the public at large.

e) To develop networking between the present and future alumni on a common platform on a continuing basis to spread knowledge among the public at large.

f) To foster continuing professional/ academic development by drawing support from achievers amongst the public in their respective fields.

g) To maintain funds for promoting scientific or academic activities that would be beneficial to public at large.

h) To organize annual reunions, felicitation of eminent alumni as well as national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia on the selected topics of Science & Technology to strengthen / share knowledge base.

i) To facilitate exchange of ideas and information amongst scientists working in different research areas of Cancer and Biology.

j) To award scholarships/ fellowships on such terms and conditions as the Managing Committee may think fit for the purpose of undertaking pursuing and encouraging higher education and research.